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The final frontier - now opening for everyone.

We're on a mission to make life multiplanetary. So our community is helping to crowdfund the first private asteroid mission

- Warp Space Program -

The world has gotten a lot better in the last decades, but most people still have a negative view of the future.

We think one important reason is the negative bias in news media.

Warp News will help to balance that with fact-based, optimistic news.

Our articles are always based on facts and science.

We focus on the possibilities with new technology, ideas and collaboration.

Watch Mathias Sundin, founder and CEO of Warp News, with a brief history of innovation and knowledge.

"The next great acceleration in innovation will come from global communities."

By balancing the negativity in the media, Warp News will help drive more optimism about the future.

Some of our stories in Space News

Jakob Holgersson 2 min read

πŸ’ͺ Space experiment on muscles could give us longer lives

By studying muscle tissue in microgravity, the MicroAge project hopes to enable the elderly to maintain muscle mass. This could mean healthier, more independent and longer lives.

Jakob Holgersson 1 min read

πŸš€ Elon Musk shares information on SpaceX future

Elon Musk is Time's Man of the Year. And his future plans are only more ambitious than his past achievements. How about putting astronauts on Mars by 2027 or using the planet as a Noah's Ark?

Vincent Roose 4 min read

β˜„οΈ 30 years since the first asteroid encounter – this is what you need to know

30 years after our first visit to an asteroid, the projects and perspectives around asteroids have flourished. Our knowledge about them has extended massively – both in terms of risks and possibilities.

Jakob Holgersson 1 min read

πŸ›° Military project brings us closer to space-based solar energy

The United States military wants to improve mobility and reduce vulnerability in war zones. This desire could be of great importance to the green transition.

Jakob Holgersson 2 min read

β˜€ NASA's Parker probe has penetrated the solar atmosphere

Touching the sun might be a metaphore for hubris, but that's basically what the Parker Solar Probe just did.

Kent Olofsson 1 min read

πŸ›° Satellites can measure the carbon emissions of each country

A new satellite is to be able to measure emissions down to the city level and also be able to distinguish between emissions caused by human activities and those that come from natural processes