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The final frontier - now opening for everyone.

We're on a mission to make life multiplanetary. So our community is helping to crowdfund the first private asteroid mission

- Warp Space Program -

The world has gotten a lot better in the last decades, but most people still have a negative view of the future.

We think one important reason is the negative bias in news media.

Warp News will help to balance that with fact-based, optimistic news.

Our articles are always based on facts and science.

We focus on the possibilities with new technology, ideas and collaboration.

Watch Mathias Sundin, founder and CEO of Warp News, with a brief history of innovation and knowledge.

"The next great acceleration in innovation will come from global communities."

By balancing the negativity in the media, Warp News will help drive more optimism about the future.

Some of our stories in Space News

Linn Winge

πŸ”­ The Hubble Telescope could help save the world's largest fish

The Hubble Space Telescope has a special software for mapping and parsing out the stars. Now, this technology might help scientists save the worlds largest fish.

Kent Olofsson

πŸ”­ New technology provides the opportunity to take pictures of Earth-like planets in other solar systems

A diamond chronograph uses infrared light to take pictures of planets in the habitable zone.

Cornelia Ekvall

πŸš€ Make space your workplace: ESA is recruiting new astronauts

Many children dream about exploring space, to find new planets and to travel to distant galaxies. Movies like Interstellar and Star Wars make us long for intergalactic adventure. Now you have the chance to finally leave your office behind to become an astronaut, and make that adventure your own.

Mathias Sundin

πŸ›°οΈ You can now order Elon Musk's Starlink internet

Starlink is Elon Musk's space internet that will make high speed internet available all over the planet. It is now starting to roll out everywhere.

Cornelia Ekvall

πŸ›° Dancing exoplanets challenge our understanding of planet formation

We explore new planets every day, called exoplanets (extrasolar planets), each one telling us something new about the place we call home.

Linn Winge

🐘 Satellites counts elephants from space

Scientists are using satellite images to count African elephants.