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  • 🚀 We want humanity to become a spacefaring civilization.
  • 🚀 We want that future to happen sooner.
  • 🚀 Everyone - you included - can be part of creating that future.

Warp Space Summit shows how people from all parts of society can be involved in space, together building our future.

2021 Keynote Speakers

Dr. Tanya Harrison on Mars Rovers

She has worked on multiple NASA Mars missions, including the Perseverance, Curiosity and Opportunity rovers and the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, as a scientist and in mission operations.

Dr. Harrison will give all the insights on the latest Mars rover, Perseverance, and helicopter Ingenuity.

Professor Avi Loeb on the first sign of extraterrestrial life

Professor Avi Loeb will talk about why he believes we recently witnessed alien technology for the first time. This occurred when the interstellar object Oumuamua passed through the solar system in 2017.

Avi Loeb is an astrophysicist at Harvard University, chair of the Breakthrough Starshot Advisory Committee and Founding Director, Black Hole Initiative. His latest book is Extraterrestrial: The First Sign of Intelligent Life Beyond Earth.

Tina and Tom Sjogren: Two Swedish explorers building their own rocket to go to Mars

Tina and Tom Sjogren are explorers. They've climbed Mount Everest, gone back-to-back to the North- and the South Pole, but ran out of new challenges on Earth. Instead, they are looking up in space, more specifically to Mars.

Their company, Pythom Space, is developing the rocket that will take them to the Red Planet.

More Speakers

Sven Grahn

The grand old man of Swedish space, involved in his first space project in the 1960s. For many years he was the CTO of the Swedish Space Corporation. He is an honorary doctor at the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology, has been awarded H. M. The King's Medal and the Thulin Medal in Gold.

He will speak about O’Neill Colonies.

Daniel Moregard

Daniel is the game director of Stellaris. Stellaris is Paradox Development Studio's grand strategy game set in a galaxy where the player plays as an alien civilization that just discovered faster-than-light travel.

He will talk about how to develop a game that takes place in space, and of course about Stellaris and Paradox.

Rich Spuller

Co-founder of Warp News, podcast and YouTube host, owner of a Starlink and host and moderator at the Warp Space Summit.

Cornelia Ekvall

Space writer for Warp News, youth editor at Populär Astronomi, Bachelor's Programme in Physics.

L Christer Andersson

CEO and co-founder of Pandion AI, formerly Imagery Intelligence at the Swedish Defence Research Agency.

Mathias Sundin

Founder of Warp Space Program, co-founder of Warp Institute and CEO of Warp News.
Former Member of Parliament.

Jenny Jansson

Physics teacher of the Year in 2016. Jenny will show some of the opportunities that exist for all teachers to easily remotely control telescopes with students from the classroom, connect to satellites and take pictures, access environmental data, build rockets and investigate exoplanets.

Warp Space Summit Program

September 19, 13.00 to 19.00 (Central European Time) online and at Linköpings Konsert & Kongress
Everything on the program is also available online.
Bold=keynote talk

Opening Ceremony with Warp Space Program founder Mathias Sundin

Optimist's Edge: Sustainability on Earth using space with Cornelia Ekvall, space writer for Warp News

Mars Rover in-depth look with Professional Martian
- Dr. Tanya Harrison

Strategy game Stellaris with Game Director Daniel Moregård from Paradox

Presentation of the CAVOK District, and aerospace cluster in Linköping

Has humanity seen the first sign of intelligent life beyond Earth?
- Harvard professor Avi Loeb


Q&A with professor Avi Loeb on alien technology

Cities in Space with Swedish Space Society

Opportunities in space for young people with Swedish Astronomical Youth Organization

More sessions TBA

Optimist's Edge: How everyone can use satellite data and images with L Christer Andersson, CEO of Pandion AI

O'Neill cylinders, gigantic space colonies with Dr. Sven Grahn, former CTO of Swedish Space Corporation

Optimist's Edge: Starlink and global satellite internet - Rich Spuller, owner of a Starlink and Cornelia Ekvall, Warp News space writer

Two Swedish explorers building their own rocket to go to Mars with Tina and Tom Sjögren, founders of Pythom Space


Q&A with professor Avi Loeb on alien technology

Cities in Space with Swedish Space Society

Opportunities in space for young people with Swedish Astronomical Youth Organization

More sessions TBA

Panel discussion on space and Mars with Tom and Tina Sjögren and Mathias Sundin.

Two more program items TBA

🚀 Get the Optimist’s Edge in space

Because of negative headlines and a pessimistic worldview most people miss opportunities.

At the Warp Space Summit we use the Optimist’s Edge to show the massive opportunities that our future in space brings.

Warp Space Program

— a global space community to find and fund space missions together

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  • 👉 We support Beyond Atlas, the world's first private asteroid mission
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Warp News Experts

Christer Fuglesang

Warp News Space

— Astronaut with two trips to the ISS,
Professor of space travel.

Karin Nilsdotter

Warp News Space

— Future astronaut, CEO Spaceport Sweden.
(Pictured here with Elon Musk)

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