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Cornelia Ekvall

💡 Optimist’s Edge: Should we fix Earth before going to space?

In our survey, a majority believes we should fix the problems on Earth before we go to space. But without space, we will have a much harder time fixing problems on Earth. Here is why.

Jakob Holgersson

🚀 Bezos’ spaceflight breaks records

We recently covered how Richard Branson changed Virgin Galactic's test schedule to beat Jeff Bezos to space. While Bezos wasn’t first to space, Blue Origin’s flight was impressive in its own right.

Mathias Sundin

💡 Optimist's Edge: Big batteries are the missing piece of the energy puzzle

Is building large battery storage as useful as building a big banana? Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison thought so, but the Tesla battery in Australia has surprised critics and shown us the missing piece of the energy puzzle.

Linn Winge

🌳 Ethiopia planted 350 million trees - in 12 hours

But Ethiopia is not satisfied yet. The country has raised the bar and aims to have planted 20 billion trees by 2022.

Linn Winge

🥬 Vertical farming is gaining big interest

Vertical farms across Europe show us that it is possible to grow greens locally without soil or sunshine.

Motiur Sumon

⛏️ Everything You Need To Know About Bitcoin Mining

The Bitcoin network reinvents how a monetary system could work, and how to build trust in it. And the whole system is centered around Bitcoin mining. This is everything you need to know about it.

Linn Winge

🥬 Underwater farms - the future way to grow food?

This underwater farm uses solar energy and desalinated water to grow vegetables. And, It turns out that underwater is an ideal place for plant cultivation.

Khumbu Muleya

🌴 Africa's first biomass power plant is in the pipeline

Côte d’Ivoire is set to get Africa’s first biomass-fired electricity generation plant with a capacity to produce 46MW.

Linn Winge

🐼 Giant pandas no longer endangered in the wild

China announces that the giant panda is no longer considered endangered in the wild. The species is being reclassified as “vulnerable”.

Elina Holmgren Tyskling

✌️ Optimism and the Prisoner's Dilemma

Is there a formula to rely on in human interaction? It seems like there is, and you have probably already guessed it... It is an optimistic one!

Jakob Holgersson

🔌 Electrical vehicle - the car enthusiast comeback

Many car enthusiasts miss the time when cars had vigor and personality. But what many of these do not know is that the electric car is a comeback of the kind of cars that make the enthusiast tick.

Motiur Sumon

⛏️ Everything you need to know about bitcoin mining

The Bitcoin network changes the rules of the game for how a monetary system can work and how to build trust in it. The whole system is centered around Bitcoin mining. We explain everything you need to know.

Mathias Sundin

NFT sales from $13,7 million to $2,5 billion in one year

Sales of NFTs increased over 18.000 percent in one year.

Elina Holmgren Tyskling

♟️ Why game theory matters in machine learning

Innovation is often made when borrowing solutions and ways of thinking from other fields. This is what researchers at DeepMind have done as they have applied Game Theory to machine learning.

Elina Holmgren Tyskling

🚕"That's a shame! I was planning to get hens"

It is a cliché but still true. It's hard to believe in success if there are no such stories in your own history. In your own family. I often think of Åke's, almost impossible, journey.

Cornelia Ekvall

🚀 Life might have existed on Venus

Could Venus have been habitable? Three new missions are going to find out. Venus has been seen as a dead and hostile world for a long time, but models show that this is not necessarily true. We have spoken to NASA scientist Dr. Michael Way to get an insight into the mystery of Venus.

Warp Space
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