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πŸ” Food Tech

A lot of innovation is going on in food tech, making food cheaper, more nutritious, better tasting and with less emissions during production. Here you'll find articles about AI, sensors and IoT, big data, digital biology, precision farming, cell-grown meat, GMO and automation.

Marco Borsari

πŸ… This smart factory takes local produce to the next level

This tiny smart factory can work independently and automated, processing tomatoes directly on the field, eliminating transports.

Linn Winge

β˜•οΈ Lab-grown coffee ready-to-go

Researchers in Finland are working on a substitute for traditional coffee. In countries where the changing climate is making it more difficult to grow coffee it could be a game changer.

Magnus Aschan

πŸ₯© Here is the world's first 3D-printed Wagyu beef

This "looks more like the real thing," Scientists at Japan's Osaka University claim after 3D-printing the first-ever Wagyu beef.

Linn Winge

πŸ₯¬ Vertical farming is gaining big interest

Vertical farms across Europe show us that it is possible to grow greens locally without soil or sunshine.

Kent Olofsson

πŸ” Worlds first factory for cultured meat is now running

Cultivated meat is now taking the step to industrial production. Future Meat has set up a factory in Rehovot, Isreal, with the aim of making cell-grown meat affordable for everyone.

Kent Olofsson

🍺 Leftovers from beer brewing can be used as biofuel

Researchers have found a way to make use of enzymes and bacterias to make both biofuel and animal feeds out of leftovers from beer brewerig.

Magnus Aschan

🌱 Viral outbreaks cause plant-based foods to grow at a record rate

Consumption of meat is declining in large parts of the world, while we are eating more plant-based foods. Virus outbreaks and pandemics seem to be accelerating this development, says Warp News Food Tech expert Daniel SkavΓ©n Ruben.

Kent Olofsson

🍲 Ikea's cookbook helps you turn food waste into feasts

Much of what we throw in the compost can be eaten and Ikea wants us to be better at eating even what may look a little unappetizing.

Kent Olofsson

βœ‚ Crispr will save our bananas

A disease threatens to eradicate the only banana variety we eat today, but with Crispr technology, researchers can make bananas resistant.