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❤️ Health Tech

Health Tech, or digital health, helps us understand and take control of our own health. But we also cover more traditional health news like medicines, vaccines and medical procedures.

Mathias Sundin ❤️ Health Tech

💉 The Corona vaccines are one of humanity's greatest achievements - how was it possible?

The previous world record for the development of a vaccine was almost 5 years. The Corona vaccines crushed that record. How was that possible? That story hasn't been told - until now.

Khumbu Muleya ❤️ Health Tech

🦟Zimbabwe reaches landmark in eliminating malaria

Zimbabwe's efforts in eliminating malaria have paid off. Cases are down to zero in 20 out of 63 districts.

Kent Olofsson ❤️ Health Tech

🔬 Levels of proteins key in choosing treatment for breast cancer

A new study suggests that the levels of a protein in body tissue indicate how effective radiotherapy is for treating a certain type of breast cancer.

Daniel Åhlin 🌟 Premium Content

📚 E-book: The Corona Vaccine Revolution

All experts were wrong. No one thought it was possible to get corona vaccines this fast. How was this possible? Daniel Åhlin writes about one of humanity's greatest achievements in this E-book.

Khumbu Muleya ❤️ Health Tech

😷 How southern Africa uses apps to fight covid

Some countries in southern Africa have used apps in the fight against covid-19. It has been beneficial according to a study. Now, Zimbabwe has developed an app that helps the user recognize symptoms.

Kent Olofsson ❤️ Health Tech

🧒 A new app can detect autism in children

A new app records eye movements in kids to evaluate the probability of autism.

Magnus Aschan ❤️ Health Tech

🦾 Swedish inventors build a suit that reduces spasms

Mollii is the name of the invention that helps people affected by, among other things, Parkinson's or stroke to move better. The suit works by stimulating the body with electrical signals.

Kent Olofsson ❤️ Health Tech

💉 A new malaria vaccine shows better results than expected

In a study, a new vaccine provides 77% protection against malaria. The vaccine can be mass-produced cheaply.

Kent Olofsson ❤️ Health Tech

📱 A new app will help women with urine leakage

An app with information and exercise programs can reduce the discomfort for women with urinary incontinence.