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❀️ Health Tech

Health Tech, or digital health, helps us understand and take control of our own health. But we also cover more traditional health news like medicines, vaccines and medical procedures.

Kent Olofsson ❀️ Health Tech

πŸ”¬ AI helps dermatologists diagnose skin cancer

An AI is able to analyze images of melanoma and see which ones are dangerous, as good as a dermatologist.

Per Soderstrom ❀️ Health Tech

πŸŽ— Layer X-ray detects lung cancer in time

Lung cancer is one of the most dangerous cancers - also difficult to detect. A study in the UK has a suggestion

Kent Olofsson ❀️ Health Tech

πŸš‘ AI can increase survival among patients in hospitals

An AI has been trained to recognize signs that patients need intensive care. This means that patients receive the right care earlier than they receive today, which increases their chances of survival.

Per Soderstrom ❀️ Health Tech

πŸ† Battery-powered drones deliver COVID-19 vaccine

Vaccination against COVID-19 is a challenge in sparsely populated areas. Zipline has experience in distributing healthcare equipment outside cities. Now you get a new assignment.

Khumbu Muleya ❀️ Health Tech

πŸ“± creates a digital toolbox for handling Covid-19

Founded by four passionate young Africans, is a healthcare company that is using technology to solve what they believe is Africa's biggest healthcare challenge – a siloed approach to patient management and treatment.

Kent Olofsson ❀️ Health Tech

β˜‘ AI can diagnose ADHD with 99 percent certainty

An AI has learned to recognize patterns in the brain that show if a person has ADHD and also which treatments can work best.

Per Soderstrom ❀️ Health Tech

πŸ“― A new artificial heart has been approved by the EU

The EU approves a new artificial heart to make it easier for patients awaiting a heart transplant

Kent Olofsson ❀️ Health Tech

πŸ‘ Blind man regained his sight with an artificial cornea

New method makes it easier and faster to implant artificial corneas, which gives many more people the chance to regain their sight.

Khumbu Muleya ❀️ Health Tech

🦟 A new dawn for malaria control in Southern Africa

A new application system uses artificial intelligence to detect the presence of malaria parasites in the blood cell of a patient, by just submitting a picture of the patient’s blood cell.