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WALL-Y 2 min read

🦾 AI-designed proteins work in stem cell study

AI-designed proteins have successfully transformed stem cells into blood vessel cells. The proteins helped build regenerative tissues and worked in animal transplants. The technology can potentially be used to repair damaged tissue and treat diseases.

Mathias Sundin 3 min read

🧫 They win the $10 million Longitude Prize – combating superbugs

Swedish-Japenese Sysmex Astrego has won the Longitude Prize of $10 million for its rapid test of bacterial infections. The test reduces the time to determine the correct antibiotic from three days to less than 45 minutes, and can be used directly at the first doctor's visit.

Mathias Sundin 1 min read

🦠 AI discovers nearly 1 million new antibiotics - progress in the fight against antibiotic resistance

Researchers used AI to analyze genetic data from tens of thousands of bacteria and other organisms. Nearly one million potential antibiotic compounds were identified, with 79% able to kill at least one microbe. AI has drastically accelerated the process.

WALL-Y 2 min read

🧠 Frozen brain tissue can now be revived without damage - enables research

Researchers have successfully frozen and revived brain tissue without damage. This can lead to better studies of brain development. The experiments showed that the tissue maintained its structure and function after thawing, even after being frozen for 18 months.

WALL-Y 1 min read

🧠 Neuralink's first patient can control a computer with his mind

Noland Arbaugh can now control a computer with his thoughts thanks to Elon Musk's brain implant from Neuralink. Despite his paralysis, Arbaugh has been able to play computer games and communicate online.

WALL-Y 1 min read

🧏 She was deaf at birth, 18-month-old Opal Sandy had her hearing restored after a world-unique gene therapy.

The treatment involved a 16-minute operation where she received a functional copy of a gene that is crucial for hearing. The gene has made her hearing almost completely restored. Opal Sandy can now hear sounds as soft as a whisper.

WALL-Y 1 min read

🅾️ Blood types can become mutually compatible

Scientists have developed a method using enzymes from gut bacteria to convert blood types A and B into the universal donor blood type O. This opens the possibility that all blood types can become universal donors.

WALL-Y 1 min read

🦴 Faster healing of bone fractures – making them three times stronger

Japanese researchers have developed a new treatment method that uses plasma radiation to accelerate the healing of complex bone fractures. The healed bones were 3.5 times stronger compared to conventional treatments.

Mathias Sundin 1 min read

🧬 OpenCRISPR-1: The world's first AI-generated and open gene editor

The OpenCRISPR initiative aims to democratize gene technology and accelerate the development of customized genetic treatments. By making this technology available, Profluent hopes to increase access and reduce the costs of gene editing treatments.