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πŸ›° Space

Space is the final frontier and is now being opened to everyone thanks to front runners such as NASA and now SpaceX and Elon Musk, Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic. You will also find news here about the Warp Space Program and Beyond Atlas.

Jakob Holgersson

πŸ–– Star trek hero overwhelmed after space voyage

Captain Kirk goes to space, breaking a record and returning with a new admiration for our green earth.

Jakob Holgersson

🎞 The new space race is all about drama - just ask Tom Cruise

The first actress and producer have boarded the International Space Station to record the first feature film shot in space.

Jakob Holgersson

πŸ›° Capsule Lucy to investigate Trojan Asteroids

NASA's Lucy asteroid probe is set to begin its 12-year space mission in just a few weeks. The craft will set several records and grant us more knowledge on the creation of the solar system.

Jakob Holgersson

☒ Nuclear-electric rocket could shorten Mars trip to one month

Being in development since the late 1970s, VASIMIR engines allow for unparalleled speed and efficiency, making voyages to Mars much safer.

Khumbu Muleya

πŸ”­ International telescope project closes its first round

Within weeks, the South African based HERA-project reaches an important milestone. Having completed 350 "dishes" it is laying the foundations of tomorrow's radio astronomy.

Alexander Engelin

πŸ”­ Building blocks for life found around young stars

A new study has identified building blocks necessary for life in several protoplanetary discs surrounding young stars.

Vincent Roose

πŸ”­ The tools that bring us closer to space

We gaze at the sky and wonder why? Throughout history humans have used tools in search of an answer.

Jakob Holgersson

🌽 Space tech to give arid countries food surplus

Nanoracks and United Arab Emirates partner up to adapt AgTech originally envisioned for space travel for use in inhospitable regions on earth.

Jakob Holgersson

β›½ "Gas stations" to extend satellite lifespans

OrbitFab is a startup that extends the lifespan of satellites by creating gas stations in space.