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πŸ’‘ Optimist's Edge

As a Warp News Premium Supporter, you get access to the Optimist's Edge. The difference between what people believe and the facts. Because of negative headlines and a pessimistic world-view, people miss important trends. We do surveys of what people believe and compare that with the facts, giving you unique insights

Christian von Essen 4 min read

πŸ’‘ Optimist's Edge: Sweeter future with less sugar

New, healthier sugar means that we can continue to enjoy the excellent taste, without deteriorating our health.

Ulrika Gerth 5 min read

πŸ’‘ Optimist's Edge: Food from air

Your next-generation steak saves both cows and the planet. The main ingredient? Carbon dioxide.

Anders Bolling 7 min read

πŸ’‘ Optimist's Edge: Africa's fast track to prosperity

Africa is on the rise. A large, young, well-educated middle class is emerging that gives the continent enormous development potential. The future lies in new technology and sharpened agriculture.

Cornelia Ekvall 5 min read

πŸ’‘ Optimist's Edge: Satellite mapping of greenhouse gases helps us stop climate change

Satellites help us better understand our planet, how the atmosphere is affected by emissions, and understand in detail what we need to do to stop climate change.

Maria Eriksson 5 min read

πŸ’‘ Optimist's Edge: Trees and agriculture can be combined

By cleverly combining trees with other useful plants, we can have an agriculture that benefits both the cultivator and the surrounding nature.

Anna RennΓ©us Guthrie 4 min read

πŸ’‘ Optimist's Edge: All the opportunities in the world when work life becomes more flexible

When your geographical location matters less, the opportunity to work with what you are best at, for several employers at the same time, becomes reality. It will increase productivity, make companies more efficient, and increase employee well-being.

Vincent Roose 4 min read

πŸ’‘ Optimist's Edge: Space parasol to slow global warming

An enormous solar sail between Earth and the Sun could slow Earth's temperature rise enough to give us time to transform into a climate-sustainable society.

Christian von Essen 4 min read

πŸ’‘ Optimist's Edge: Plant breeding in no time with the gene scissors CRISPR

There is enormous potential for global health in using CRISPR technology to edit DNA in fruits and vegetables. In the future, farmers can be paid more, while consumers can enjoy better and more nutritious products.

Marco Borsari 4 min read

πŸ’‘ Optimist's Edge: Flying cars from science fiction to science fact

Science fiction is becoming science fact as flying cars will soon be providing straight A to B, zero emissions, transportation.