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💡 Optimist's Edge

As a Warp News Premium Supporter, you get access to the Optimist's Edge. The difference between what people believe and the facts. Because of negative headlines and a pessimistic world-view, people miss important trends. We do surveys of what people believe and compare that with the facts, giving you unique insights

Cornelia Ekvall 💡 Optimist's Edge

💡 Optimist’s Edge: Should we fix Earth before going to space?

In our survey, a majority believes we should fix the problems on Earth before we go to space. But without space, we will have a much harder time fixing problems on Earth. Here is why.

Magnus Aschan 💡 Optimist's Edge

💡 Optimist's Edge: Spending Time With Kids

Screen time, career, exercise, and hobbies. Most parents have a guilty conscience because they feel that they don't spend enough time with their children and, according to our survey, most people believe that we spend less time with our children now than in the past. But is it really true?

Eric Porper 💡 Optimist's Edge

💡 Optimist's Edge: Video games rot your brain... not!

The ancient statement that games are bad for you are getting old, and not in a good way. In this article, you get the edge of how video games can help you grow attractive traits and skills that help you both in private- and work life.

Eric Porper 💡 Optimist's Edge

💡 Optimist's Edge: Media headlines on bitcoin are wrong – again

The media has portrayed Bitcoin as an environmental disaster. But in this article, we will tell you why it might be more energy-efficient than alternatives.

Elina Holmgren Tyskling 💡 Optimist's Edge

💡Optimist's Edge: This is how scientists are trying to outmaneuver aging to give you a longer life

Since the beginning of humanity, humans have had to find contentment in the dilemma that living means aging and death. But old age is not inevitable. There are several ways to slow down and reverse aging and this is what you need to know to have a chance at a 100-year life.

Daniel Åhlin 💡 Optimist's Edge

💡 Optimist's Edge: The glasses that will help you learn

Construct machines as a service technician, decorate your house as an interior designer, or paint as an artist. Soon, AR glasses will allow you to become an expert in areas you previously did not even dare to go try out. Despite this, most people do not even know what AR (Augmented Reality) is.

Anna Rennéus Guthrie 💡 Optimist's Edge

💡Optimist's Edge: E-stonia keeps investing in digital residency – and so should you

Estonia is the first country in the world to implement an e-residency, open for application for anyone who runs a business. This is what you need to know to take advantage of what Estonia offers and influence your country in following their lead.

Mathias Sundin 💡 Optimist's Edge

💡 Optimist's Edge: Going to space will be a lot cheaper than you think

90% percent believe they’ll never be able to afford to go to space. That is wrong. Seven out of every ten people could afford that in just ten years. This is how much you need to save every month to go to space.

Ulrika Gerth 💡 Optimist's Edge

💡 Optimist's Edge: Forget landfills - recyclers have big plans for electric car batteries

An environmental disaster in the making or the foundation of a greener future? Many people believe the former when it comes to electric car batteries. A booming new industry is about to prove them wrong.