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⚡️ Energy

Energy production and consumption is becoming cleaner, cheaper and decentralized. With connected devices you as a consumer can take control of your energy consumption. Here you will also find content about batteries, smart grids, nuclear and other innovation in the energy field.

Ulrika Gerth 💡 Optimist's Edge

💡 Optimist's Edge: Forget landfills - recyclers have big plans for electric car batteries

An environmental disaster in the making or the foundation of a greener future? Many people believe the former when it comes to electric car batteries. A booming new industry is about to prove them wrong.

Kent Olofsson ⚡️ Energy

💰Banks choose renewables over fossil fuel

For the first time, banks have approved more funding and loans to companies in renewable energy than fossil fuels.

Kent Olofsson ⚡️ Energy

🔋 Scientists have solved a 40-year-old battery problem

Scientists have created a lithium metal battery that could potentially hold for 10 000 charges.

Kent Olofsson ♻️ Green Tech

☀ Solar panels on airport roofs could reduce coal dependency in Australia

The roofs of airports create perfect conditions for solar power. A study shows the potential by looking at Australia 21 one federal airports.

Kent Olofsson ⚡️ Energy

🔋Renewables have halved emissions in the USA

A study shows that the transition to renewable electricity has been much faster than experts thought 15 years ago.

Linn Winge ⚡️ Energy

🇮🇪 Ireland will replace its last coal plant with a renewable energy hub

Ireland is going to replace its last coal plant with a floating wind farm and a huge green energy hub. This in accordance with their goal to become coal-free.

Linn Winge ⚡️ Energy

⚡️🌊 Tidal energy takes Scotland towards zero emissions

Scotland is at the forefront of fighting climate change. On their way towards net-zero, electric cars on the island of Yell can now be powered by tidal energy.

Kent Olofsson ♻️ Green Tech

🌻5 examples of how renewable energy is changing the game

Worl Economic Forum lists five examples of renewable energy success stories, to emphasize the unstoppable trend.

Warp Editorial Staff ♻️ Green Tech

⛽ New method makes it 100 times more efficient to produce hydrogen

A new catalyst lowers the energy requirements for producing hydrogen so much that sunlight in the future can replace natural gas as an energy source in processes.