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⚡️ Energy

Energy production and consumption is becoming cleaner, cheaper and decentralized. With connected devices you as a consumer can take control of your energy consumption. Here you will also find content about batteries, smart grids, nuclear and other innovation in the energy field.

Kent Olofsson ⚡️ Energy

🔋Renewables have halved emissions in the USA

A study shows that the transition to renewable electricity has been much faster than experts thought 15 years ago.

Linn Winge ⚡️ Energy

🇮🇪 Ireland will replace its last coal plant with a renewable energy hub

Ireland is going to replace its last coal plant with a floating wind farm and a huge green energy hub. This in accordance with their goal to become coal-free.

Linn Winge ⚡️ Energy

⚡️🌊 Tidal energy takes Scotland towards zero emissions

Scotland is at the forefront of fighting climate change. On their way towards net-zero, electric cars on the island of Yell can now be powered by tidal energy.

Kent Olofsson ♻️ Green Tech

🌻5 examples of how renewable energy is changing the game

Worl Economic Forum lists five examples of renewable energy success stories, to emphasize the unstoppable trend.

Warp Editorial Staff ♻️ Green Tech

⛽ New method makes it 100 times more efficient to produce hydrogen

A new catalyst lowers the energy requirements for producing hydrogen so much that sunlight in the future can replace natural gas as an energy source in processes.

Magnus Aschan ⚡️ Energy

⚡️Superconductors - The Holy Grail in energy science

If a single material became superconducting and conducted electric current without resistance at room temperature, we could solve the world's energy problems. Recently, several breakthroughs have been made and the dream of frictionless electricity is now closer than ever.

Magnus Aschan ⚡️ Energy

🛢 Drastic reduction in oil spills

Amoco Cadiz, Exxon Valdez, and Deepwater Horizon. Many people remember the great oil disasters, but fewer know that both the number and amount of oil spills have decreased sharply in the world.

Per Soderstrom 🚘 Transportation

🌟 Electric cars for the people!

Electric cars are often described as "expensive". That perception is changing. A French-Romanian electric car contributes to that.

Per Soderstrom ⚡️ Energy

🦑 Cyprus, Greece, and Israel run a common power cable under the depths of the sea

A major EU project supports an electricity connection between the three countries, letting Cyprus in from its energy isolation