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⚡️ Energy

Energy production and consumption is becoming cleaner, cheaper and decentralized. With connected devices you as a consumer can take control of your energy consumption. Here you will also find content about batteries, smart grids, nuclear and other innovation in the energy field.

Kent Olofsson 2 min read

🍀 Five reasons 2021 was a great year for the environment

2021 was a year with a lot of positive news regarding environmental matters. We'll show you the top five things that happend.

Vincent Roose 7 min read

💨 It's time to get blown away – falling prices for wind energy

You ain't seen nothing yet. This summarizes the development of wind power. Contrary to what most people believe, it is becoming cheaper day by day. Vincent Rooose gives you all you need to know to get the most out of this renewable source of energy.

Kent Olofsson 1 min read

⚡ New findings: All US energy needs could be met with renewable electricity

Switching to 100 percent renewable electricity would cost the United States $ 9-11 trillion, but lower electricity prices could make the investment pay off in as little as five years.

Jakob Holgersson 1 min read

🛰 Military project brings us closer to space-based solar energy

The United States military wants to improve mobility and reduce vulnerability in war zones. This desire could be of great importance to the green transition.

Kent Olofsson 2 min read

☀ Renewable energy sources are expanding faster than ever

The amount of renewable electricity that was built in the world this year corresponds to 300 nuclear reactors.

Ingemar Alvbom 11 min read

🔋 Minerals - the new sustainable oil

Minerals and metals are becoming increasingly important as the electrification of society accelerates. But mining is unevenly distributed across the world. In this article, energy consultant Ingemar Alvbom goes through everything you need to know about the ongoing global transition.

Vincent Roose 6 min read

🛩 Onboarding has begun for electric airplanes

If we are serious about tackling climate change, it is time to embrace transportation with a smaller footprint on the environment. Vincent Roose explains how flying with electricity is the next big leap in aviation.

Kent Olofsson 1 min read

🏭Portugal stops all coal power

The last coal-fired power plant in Portugal was shut down almost a decade ahead of schedule.

Kent Olofsson 1 min read

🍀 Solar panels in fields yield larger harvests

It is possible to combine electricity production and cultivation on the same surface, according to research from Mälardalen University.