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♻️ Green Tech

Green Tech is an important part of the solution of climate change and other enviromental problems. Here you will find articles covering recycling, water purifying and tech used to conserve and protect natural resources. Also, news about Warp Green Tech Program will be found here.

Marco Borsari

🧊 A loophole in the greenhouse effect paves way for a cool invention

UCLA scientists are testing a thin film designed with nanotechnologies, which can reflect sunlight and reject heat into space. This can be used to employ radiative sky cooling with air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

Linn Winge

♻️ Start-up tackling microplastics problem secures new funding

A Paris-based startup aims to make microplastics a thing of the past. 2022 could mean "make or break" for this business.

Linn Winge

🖨 Netherlands new record holder of longest 3D-printed bridge

The world’s longest 3D-printed concrete bridge is found in the Netherlands.

Linn Winge

🕶 Climate first: sunglasses made from CO2

Eco-friendly fashion is on the rise. Sunglasses manufactured from carbon dioxide is the latest example of this.

Kent Olofsson

🗼Kuwait turns 42 million rubber tires into an eco-city

507,000 tonnes of old rubber tires on a huge dump will be recycled and leave room for a new eco-smart city.

Magnus Aschan

🏭 76% of all planned coal-fired power plants stopped since 2015

Since the Paris Agreement in 2015, 76 percent of all planned coal-fired power plants have been stopped, a recent report reveals.

Linn Winge

🧱 Captured pollution turned into building tiles

This filterless air purification system transforms captured pollution into building tiles.

Linn Winge

🐝 Rewilding project brings more buzz to prestigious campus

St. Andrews University in Scotland is rewilding the campus making it more pollinator-friendly.

Magnus Aschan

💡 Optimist's Edge: This is what you need to know about the nuclear power of the future

The fourth generation nuclear power is not that far away and has greater benefits than you think. In this article, two experts reveal everything you need to know about the energy production of the future.