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♻️ Green Tech

Green Tech is an important part of the solution of climate change and other enviromental problems. Here you will find articles covering recycling, water purifying and tech used to conserve and protect natural resources. Also, news about Warp Green Tech Program will be found here.

Linn Winge ♻️ Green Tech

🌱 Simple super fast growing plant can help with both food scarcity and climate change

Scientists are trying to understand how and why the plant Duckweed grows so fast. Getting clues from the plant’s genes could help with both food scarcity and climate change.

Ingemar Alvbom ⚑️ Energy

πŸ•Š This is how wind and solar energy make the world more peaceful

Our move to renewable energy will make the world more peaceful. As countries become self-sufficient in energy, many incentives for conflict will diminish.

Kent Olofsson ♻️ Green Tech

🍏 A flying robot picks fruits when they are perfectly ripe

An AI-controlled drone with a grab arm should be able to fly around orchards and pick fruit around the clock during the harvest season.

Linn Winge ♻️ Green Tech

πŸ β¬›οΈ Reef Cubes - A way to re-boost marine biodiversity and protect offshore wind farms

ARC Marine has invented Reef Cubes - an artificial coral reef that protects and strengthens marine biodiversity while protecting offshore wind farms.

Kent Olofsson πŸ€– Robotics

🐍 Mask-like micro-robot will map the environmental impact of agriculture

A prototype should show what is possible to do with a centimeter-sized micro-robot.

Linn Winge ♻️ Green Tech

🚌 First city in the world to use hydrogen-powered double-deckers

In October last year, the world's first hydrogen-powered double-decker buses arrived in Aberdeen, Scotland.

Linn Winge ♻️ Green Tech

♻️ Plastic is turned into hydrogen - a clean source of fuel

Scientists can turn plastic waste into hydrogen which is usable as a clean source of fuel. The procedure is quite easy - the scientists simply microwave the plastic.

Kent Olofsson ♻️ Green Tech

😷 Discarded mouth guards can be recycled as road material

A mixture of used mouthguards and residues of building materials can be used to build roads and then solve two garbage problems at once.

Mathias Sundin ♻️ Green Tech

πŸ† XPRIZE is the host for Elon Musk's $100 million gigaton carbon removal competition

We need to remove as much as six gigatons of CO2 per year by 2030, and the goal of this competition is to find a scalable solution for that. We have the answer to why Musk choose XPRIZE for his $100 million prize, and the background of this organization that started with a prize about space.