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Mathias Sundin

Mathias Sundin

CEO of Warp News. Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Warp Institute. Former Member of Parliament.

Mathias Sundin πŸ’‘ Optimist's Edge

πŸ’‘ Optimist's Edge: Big batteries are the missing piece of the energy puzzle

Is building large battery storage as useful as building a big banana? Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison thought so, but the Tesla battery in Australia has surprised critics and shown us the missing piece of the energy puzzle.

Mathias Sundin πŸ“Ί Curated Tips

πŸ“š Fact-based optimistic summer reading

Are you starting to run out of books to read this summer? Let us suggest five more.

Mathias Sundin Blockchain

NFT sales from $13,7 million to $2,5 billion in one year

Sales of NFTs increased over 18.000 percent in one year.

Mathias Sundin Warp Space Summit

πŸš€ How Elon Musk's SpaceX almost died

In our first pre-event before the Warp Space Summit we talk to Eric Berger, author of the book Liftoff: Elon Musk and the Desperate Early Days That Launched SpaceX + the latest on Starlink. Join us for free!

Mathias Sundin 🌟 Premium Content

β›ͺ Martin Luther – The First Twitterer

In just four years Martin Luther went from a complete unknown, to the bestselling author in Europe. A couple of years later he had become such a threat to the church that they banned him. How was this possible before radio, tv and the internet? He used a breakthrough technology, in a new way.

Mathias Sundin 🌟 Premium Content

πŸ“ Warp News Impact Report - May 2021

Strong impact for our book on the corona vaccine revolution, fact-based optimism is spreading in other news media and several science parks. Also, over 10,000 people have seen our videos about Starlink.

Mathias Sundin πŸ›° Space

πŸš€ Jeff Bezos is going to space - you don't have to be a billionaire to follow him

Going to space will fast become much cheaper than most people think. You won't have to be a billionaire or even a millionaire to follow Bezos.

Mathias Sundin πŸ’‘ Optimist's Edge

πŸ’‘ Optimist's Edge: Going to space will be a lot cheaper than you think

90% percent believe they’ll never be able to afford to go to space. That is wrong. Seven out of every ten people could afford that in just ten years. This is how much you need to save every month to go to space.

Mathias Sundin Impact Report

πŸ“ Warp News Impact Report - April 2021

We had a big and successful launch of the new format: Optimist's Edge. Ticker NEWS interviewed our CEO about our big turnaround after the pandemic hit. And a new investment in Warp News.