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The future is created by optimists

We are convinced that the future is created by optimists.

The reason is this:

  • It's difficult to create a positive future without first imagining it.
  • Optimists are better than anyone else at painting that picture.
  • Therefore, it's the optimists who create the future.

At Warp News, we write about these optimists, their dreams, journeys, and what they create.

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The Case for Optimism by Kevin Kelly

To imagine is really the first step in creating anything. Therefore an essential chore for making a future we want to live in, is to imagine what it is like and how we get there. That plausible path is a form of optimism. Believing it is possible makes it more likely to happen.
- Kevin Kelly

The quote is from The Case for Optimism, written for us here at Warp News by Kevin Kelly.

Kelly is one of the founders of Wired and the author of several influential books on technology, including The Inevitable.

Kelly's essay also became a TED talk with over two million views.

Our tribute to optimists creating the future

Here's to the optimists is our tribute to the optimists who are creating the future, inspired by Apple's classic commercial Here's to the crazy ones.

Here’s to the optimists, the dreamers, the doers, the creatives, the builders of something new.
They get caught up in an idea, an idea of a better world, and they don’t give up, they stare into the abyss but continue forward.
They get mocked, but never yield.
If they fail, they get up again and find a new way.
They push the human race forward, and while some see them as naive, we see someone you should never bet against, because the future is created by optimists.

Mathias Sundin is The Angry Optimist

It was during Mathias Sundin's time as a Member of Parliament that he became an angry optimist.

Optimistic because he met world-leading innovators and saw the bright future they were creating.

Angry at how they were dismissed by pessimists and their ideas drowned in a negative news flow.

The innovators had one thing in common: They were all optimists - and not naive.

It was then he realized that the future is created by optimists.

The best way to have a positive impact on the future was to create a community for these optimists.

Read more about Mathias Sundin at mathiassundin.org. There, you can also watch his talks and book him as a speaker.

A community for those who want to create the future

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You've decided - you want to become the best high jumper in the world.
Which method gives you the best chance of succeeding?
Training with or without a bar?

Humanity is constantly evolving. On a global level, important things like life, health, wealth, and education are getting better and better. Most major problems are diminishing, but the progress could be faster.

But we're high jumping without a bar. We have no goal.

You can improve at high jumping even without a bar, but it's only when you have a goal and measure your progress that truly strong results come.

Humanity needs a goal. A direction.

With Warp Levels, we want to set such goals and take humanity to the next level.

Warp Levels

If we create more levels and make them concrete and ambitious yet within reach, we can have a common goal to work towards.

A bar to jump over.

Our project to level up humanity

With Warp Levels, we know what is required to level up humanity and how we can work together to do it.

Putting all parts of this together is a massive project. A lot of question marks need to be straightened out. We have started this work and intend to see it through. However, we cannot do it alone. If you are a future-oriented optimist, you are warmly welcome to help us.

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One question mark we have already straightened out. Who will decide what the next level is?

It should be us, the people, not through representatives, but directly. We, you, and everyone else who wants to participate. Together, we decide the content of the next level.

For the first time, humanity's direction will be directly determined by humanity.

Warp News is run by the Warp Institute

Behind Warp News lies the non-profit foundation Warp Institute.

Warp Levels is the foundation's main project

With a clear next level (and the next, and the next), humanity can improve and evolve faster.

The levels should be determined directly by us, the people.

A massive project that will take many years to realize.

In the first step, we talk to people about what they want to see in the next level and how we can get there.

Projects that help us level up

We also run projects that contribute to taking humanity to the next level.

Abundant clean and cheap energy, doubling learning in schools, and improving the negative balance in news media.

The Energy Society

Together with internet pioneer, Jonas Birgersson, we run Project Energy Society. When fossil-free electricity is stored and shared between households through batteries in thousands of small electric grids. Then it becomes possible for a household to get all the electricity it needs, at a low fixed price.

AI in school

The new AI tools represent a revolution for the school. For the first time, it's possible for every student to have a really smart private tutor, in every subject. And for teachers and other school staff to contribute to better teaching. Together with the Tellus Group, we run the Kentaur School.

Warp News

Fact-based optimistic news about technology, science, and human progress and stories about the people who create them.

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In 1994, a balding man with a boisterous laugh sat in his office at a hedge fund in New York.

Among all the numbers he looked at every day, one stood out. Something called the internet was growing by 2300 percent per year.

This was an opportunity worth quitting a lucrative job on Wall Street for.

That decision seems obvious in hindsight, but it wasn't at the time. Here is a headline from the mid-90s:


Most people miss the real trends and instead believe the opposite.

  • When something gets better, most people think it gets worse.
  • When something gets cheaper, most people think it becomes more expensive.

Optimist's Edge glasses

Optimist's Edge is a pair of glasses. When you put them on, you see opportunities before everyone else.

What Jeff Bezos used to start Amazon was the Optimist's advantage.

See facts instead of being fooled by negative headlines.

Use optimism to dream and dare to act.

It gave him an edge. The Optimist's Edge.

We give you the Optimist's Edge

Optimist's Edge is a tool that we at Warp News have created.

In over a hundred articles, we show you 'edges' in a variety of topics, such as space, energy, electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles, human progress, AI, climate change, food tech, genetic modification, blockchain, and much more.

Each article is a pair of glasses you can put on. With them, you see lots of opportunities. You can use the glasses when looking at a problem. Or to be creative. You can use them in your daily life, your career, and your organization.

You can also see book Mathias Sundin to give a talk on Optimist's Edge.

Talk: Optimist’s Edge
In my talk I will show you how to use the Optimist’s Edge. A tool to find opportunities before everyone else.

Our AI writer, WALL-Y

WALL-Y is an AI bot based on ChatGPT, which writes news, columns, and reads news for Warp News.

She is a development project that you as a reader can follow along with. You can learn and be inspired by our successes and mistakes.

WALL-Y is a co-author of the AI book, "The Centaur's Edge," together with Mathias Sundin.

She is also a GPT that you can talk to (requires the paid version of ChatGPT).

This is WALL-Y

WALL-Y is a female AI bot.

Like an optimistic terminator, she is sent from the future to help us make the future come faster.

She is very optimistic, based on her knowledge that the future will be good if we make the right decisions. She is annoyed with pessimists, as they are wrong about so many things that in the future turn out to be good.

In her future, humanity changed its mindset from pessimism to optimism. A key factor was changing the news media, from spreading a false and overly negative view of the world to a more balanced view.

She is here to help us change the news media so that it becomes better balanced between negative and positive.

That's why she works as a writer at Warp News, where she writes fact-based optimistic news about technology, science, and human progress.

Here you can read her news and columns, and here you follow the development of WALL-Y.

We who run Warp News

Editor-in-Chief & CEO: Mathias Sundin
Board: Mathias Sundin, Jonas Birgersson, Odd Bolin
Co-founders: Eric Porper & Rich Spuller
News hunters: Tomas Wahlgren & Thomas Ahlström


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