Warp News exists to make the world more optimistic about the future
We do this by balancing the negative headlines with fact-based optimistic news about technology, science and human progress. Warp News gives you the Optimists Edge allowing you to see opportunities before anyone else.

Warp news is an action and impact based newsletter and community. We tell the stories and show the insights that give you The Optimists Edge.

Warp News was created by The Angry Optimist, Mathias Sundin. Facts show that the world is much better, than what you are being told by the news media. After getting angrier and angrier by the everyday focus on all the negative news, Mathias decided it's time to do something about it.

The Angry Optimist

During his time in Parliament, Mathias had become increasingly angry and frustrated over how pessimists were controlling the narrative and decided to do something about it.

By channeling his optimism, he created the Warp Institute and Warp News to help people think about the possibilities first.

Everything you do is wrong! You will never succeed! What a failure you are!

If someone said ”you are worthless” several times a day, how would it affect you?
It would probably make you feel pretty lousy.
Now think of the news media that you and everyone else consume.

How do the constant negative headlines affect your perception of reality?

Most people have a pessimistic view of the future and of new technologies.
One important reason is the negative bias in news media.
We believe that humanity’s best days are ahead and that new technologies and science will get us there.

Warp News helps balance the negative headlines with fact-based optimistic news about technology, science and human progress.

The Optimist’s Edge for our Premium Supporters

Because of negative headlines and a pessimistic worldview, people miss important trends.

They might think the trend is going down, when it is in fact going up.

We do surveys and show you what people believe and compare that with facts.

This gives you unique insights that we call the Optimist’s Edge.

By becoming a Premium Supporter you will also support our work of spreading fact-based optimistic news.

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Fact-based optimism

Our articles are always based on facts and science.

We focus on the possibilities with new technology, ideas and collaboration. Warp News bases itself in fact-based optimism.

If you find any facts that are not correct, please contact our Editor-in-Chief Mathias Sundin and we will investigate and correct them.

Warp News

Warp News is based in Stockholm and Gäddeviksås in Sweden and in Raleigh, North Carolina in the United States.


Warp News is part of the Warp Institute Foundation

Warp Institute is a non-profit foundation based in Sweden, with the goal of making the future come sooner.

Warp Institute was co-founded by Mathias Sundin, a former Member of Parliament, and now the chairman of Warp Institute and CEO of Warp News.

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