Talks by The Angry Optimist

Talks by The Angry Optimist

Mathias Sundin gives two talks, that can be adapted to fit the needs of your event and organization.

🦾 Become a centaur - how to use AI to gain superpowers

A talk on how to understand and leverage the wave of generative AI, like ChatGPT.

They were clearly inferior chess players.
They had a worse chess computer.
Despite this, two amateurs won over grandmasters with better computers.

This happened in a chess tournament in 2005 where the players were allowed to use computers to assist them in playing.

It's called Centaur Chess.

The amateurs won because they were better at using the computer. Better at the process.

A centaur - half human, half horse.

This is how we should think about the new AI tools.

If we become centaurs and team up human+machine, it gives us superpowers. Both as individuals and as organizations.

Using the AI tools in the right way is like installing an update for your brain. A better, faster operating system.

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"A world-leading futurist, offering sound guidance to government leaders, corporate decision-makers, and individual citizens."
Tom Skalak, Senior Advisor to the Founders, Joe and Clara Tsai Foundation

💡 The future is created by optimists

A talk about fact-based hope and how that creates better results for your organization.

The grass is greener than we think. In a world filled with negative news, it's important to look up and also see the progress. It is fast and powerful. But it's just the beginning. New technology and human freedom create vast new opportunities.

In this talk, Mathias infuses hope using facts.

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"Mathias Sundin is like a contemporary Hans Rosling."
Klas Hallberg, ranked as one of the world's top 9 professional speakers

Some previous talks


In my TEDx talk, I reveal the secret to all human innovation. This is the foundation for my fact-based optimism.


I've spoken at eBay (Salt Lake City), XPrize Visioneers (Los Angeles), World Frontiers Forum (Harvard/MIT, Boston), Hub (Berlin), Cryptolina (Raleigh), World Expo (Dubai).

Richard Branson has been to space. And met me!


Jernkontoret, Lundbergs, Google, Fabege, Internetdagarna, Linköpings kommun, Astronomisk ungdom, Norrköping Science Park, Carrus Network, TEDx, Minnesota PR.