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✍🏼 Essays

Every week you get a thought-provoking essay on how you can understand and create the future.

Mathias Sundin ✍🏼 Essays

πŸ’‘ Infinite human knowledge is possible

Is there an upper limit to what we as humanity can know and learn? Are there problems we can't solve because our brains are too insignificant? Yes, at least according to the prevailing attitude of most people. But is that really true? Not if you ask Oxford professor David Deutsch.

Ingemar Alvbom ⚑️ Energy

πŸ•Š This is how wind and solar energy make the world more peaceful

Our move to renewable energy will make the world more peaceful. As countries become self-sufficient in energy, many incentives for conflict will diminish.

Mathias Sundin ✍🏼 Essays

πŸ“° Do you think media is a dying business? Think again

Most people think that media is a lousy business, because they see lots of old media companies struggling. But the free global distribution of content is a huge opportunity for journalism and will create massive global media companies.

Mathias Sundin ✍🏼 Essays

πŸ’° Big ideas on how to make big money - investing in the future

A fact-based optimist sees opportunities before everyone else. One opportunity is to invest in companies that create a better world, and at the same time make a lot of money.

Mathias Sundin ✍🏼 Essays

🌎 217 million optimists - the case for thinking bigger

Politicians and countries should think bigger and create common goals. But countries are not the only way to have a vast impact: Now we can connect with like-minded people all over the world in global communities - and think bigger together.

Mathias Sundin ✍🏼 Essays

🧬 From games to science breakthrough - the story of AlphaFold

The history of computers competing against humans is long, and often attracts enormous attention. But what is it good for? What does it matter if a computer can win in chess, Go, or Starcraft? We got the answer when AlphaFold solved a 50-year old grand challenge in biology.

Mathias Sundin ✍🏼 Essays

🌏 The future we want to come sooner

Imagine a world with global peace, everyone living in democracy, no extreme poverty and all children go to school. Imagine no CO2 emissions, super cheap, abundant and clean energy. Imagine everyone connected to the internet. Imagine over ten million people living in space.

Mathias Sundin ✍🏼 Essays

πŸ’‘ The future is created by optimists

What happens if more people are optimistic about the future? We will have more innovation and faster progress towards a better future.

Mathias Sundin πŸ₯‡ Optimist's Edge

πŸ—žοΈ You can save local journalism and make a ton of money - want to know how?

Everyone thinks local journalism is going down the drain, but they confuse it with local newspapers. Zero distribution cost and the tools of the internet is a significant asset that can help you grab one of today's most massive business opportunities and at the same time support local democracy.