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🧠 Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) helps doctors make better diagnoses, scientists create new materials, farmers grow crops more effectively and all of us driving cars - and millions of other applications. This topic also covers subsets of AI such as machine learning (ML), deep learning and neural networks.

Linn Winge 2 min read

🐒 App prevents illegal trade with sea turtles

In order to help the hawksbill sea turtle, scientists have created an app called SEE Shell which uses AI to tell if a piece of β€œtortoiseshell” is real or not.

Magnus Aschan 3 min read

🏁 The race that gets more people into machine learning

There is great hype around machine learning, but many also see it as abstract and difficult. Here is the race that wants to change that.

Kent Olofsson 2 min read

🀰 AI able to prevent miscarriage

An AI can perform lightning-fast analyzes of ultrasound images to provide physicians with information about complications that could lead to miscarriage or complications.

Kent Olofsson 1 min read

πŸ“œ Deep Minds AI helps us read ancient texts

An AI can guess which words have disappeared in ancient texts and also indicate where and when the text was written.

Kent Olofsson 3 min read

πŸ‘¨β€βš•οΈ AI helps doctors work better

An AI can help pathologists go through images of cell samples faster to find cancer cells, and doctors also help the AI to become better at analyzing the images.

Kent Olofsson 2 min read

🧠 Deepmind has trained an AI to control fusion

An AI has learned to adjust the plasma magnets in a fusion reactor. The AI was also able to shape the plasma, which increases both safety and efficiency.

Kent Olofsson 2 min read

❀ AI can determine the risk of heart attack by looking you in the eye

A regular eye examination can show if you have an increased risk of having a heart attack.

Kent Olofsson 2 min read

πŸ€– "Star" operates "significantly better" than a human surgeon

With the help of machine learning, researchers have taught a robot to perform bowel surgery on its own - and even better than human surgeons can.

Kent Olofsson 1 min read

🧠 Statistics and AI help detect fake news

Combining AI and statistical models makes it possible to reveal fake news and understand why AI flags something like fake news.