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🧠 Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) helps doctors make better diagnoses, scientists create new materials, farmers grow crops more effectively and all of us driving cars - and millions of other applications. This topic also covers subsets of AI such as machine learning (ML), deep learning and neural networks.

Kent Olofsson ♻️ Green Tech

🍏 A flying robot picks fruits when they are perfectly ripe

An AI-controlled drone with a grab arm should be able to fly around orchards and pick fruit around the clock during the harvest season.

Kent Olofsson ❀️ Health Tech

πŸ”¬ AI helps dermatologists diagnose skin cancer

An AI is able to analyze images of melanoma and see which ones are dangerous, as good as a dermatologist.

Linn Winge 🧠 Artificial Intelligence

🦈 AI and drones tracks and protects great white sharks

It isn’t easy spotting great white sharks from the water so a team of researchers have taken to the skies - literally.

Kent Olofsson ❀️ Health Tech

πŸš‘ AI can increase survival among patients in hospitals

An AI has been trained to recognize signs that patients need intensive care. This means that patients receive the right care earlier than they receive today, which increases their chances of survival.

Linn Winge πŸ€– Robotics

🩰 The ballet dancing robot

Merritt Moore, a professional ballerina and quantum physicist, programmed herself a partner to dance with during the lockdown - the ballet dancing robot β€œBaryshnibot”.

Kent Olofsson ❀️ Health Tech

β˜‘ AI can diagnose ADHD with 99 percent certainty

An AI has learned to recognize patterns in the brain that show if a person has ADHD and also which treatments can work best.

Linn Winge 🧠 Artificial Intelligence

🐘 Satellites counts elephants from space

Scientists are using satellite images to count African elephants.

Cornelia Ekvall πŸ›° Space

πŸš€ A robotic dog will explore the caves of Mars using artificial intelligence

A robotic β€œdog” will explore the caves of our red neighbor using new technology. The robot will be able to learn about its surroundings and, while exploring, it will be able to send information to a communication module on the surface.

Linn Winge πŸ€– Robotics

🦾 Robot powered by AI takes recycling to a new level

An AI-powered robot can assist humans at recycling centers by sorting through recyclables twice as fast as humans. The AMP Robotics invention is now going global.