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Houseplants are the most beautiful indoor air pollution solution

Houseplants are the most beautiful indoor air pollution solution

Warp Curated News
Warp Curated News

When we think of air pollution, we think about large cities, smog, and smoke, but indoor air pollution can also accumulate.  Lack of ventilation, toxic products, and humidity can make the air in your home polluted and stale. To keep our homes and lungs clear and clean, adding some natural air filters are a great idea. Fortunately, there are many varieties of houseplants which will add a lovely splash of nature to your home, benefit your lungs, and clear the air.  We have featured many articles on the multiple benefits of indoor greenery before, so this is a follow-up with a long list of easy to grow, mood-enhancing plant life. 

Bamboo palms are perfect, even if your home doesn’t receive a lot of natural light, and spider plants are hearty cleaners which will last even if you don’t have a green thumb. The golden pothos…
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