👋 Meet the Warp Community

👋 Meet the Warp Community

In our weekly Warp News emails, our Co-Founder, Mathias Sundin, has been getting to know many of you in Warp. There are some very fascinating people out there, and we are delighted to begin introducing some of them to the whole community.

Rich Spuller
Rich Spuller

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Say hello to Alvaro.  He was born in Colombia, but over his life has become quite the world traveler! He grew up and studied on four continents.

He has a large family which includes six children and six grandchildren living in Los Angeles, Toronto, Stockholm, Malaga, Bogota; sisters in Dubai and Cancun, nieces and nephews in Cancun, Mexico City, Dubai, London, and San Francisco. And cousins all over the world.

His professional life is divided into thirds.  He is an executive and manager, a founder with 30 years experience as the leader of a professional consultancy in Colombia, and a social philanthropist.

He says that he sees no line between fun and work, and enjoys everything that he does.

We asked Alvaro why he joined the Warp Community and he said,

"There is so much good that goes unpublicized and unnoticed.  Yes, there is still unacceptable poverty and strife, but humanity has advanced. Pointing out that good might motivate us to work on what is not right."

Thank you, Alvaro, for being a part of the Warp Community and for sharing a little bit about yourself with us!

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