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🧬 AlphaFold 3 is here! Predicting structures of almost all biological molecules and their interactions

AlphaFold 3 is designed to predict the structure and interactions between biological molecules. Experimentally investigating these interactions can be time-consuming and costly. If these interactions can instead be accurately computed, biological research could be significantly expedited.

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🧮 A large AI language model resolved an unsolved math problem

This is a testament to the untapped potential of AI in scientific research, providing a new paradigm for approaching and solving intricate problems.

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⛈️ DeepMind AI achieves precise weather predictions on desktop computers

GraphCast predicts weather up to 10 days in advance with remarkable accuracy, and uses only seconds to process the data, surpassing traditional methods.

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🦾 Deepmind's AI discovers millions of new materials

Traditionally, the discovery of new materials, particularly inorganic crystal materials, has been a slow and meticulous process fraught with trial-and-error experimentation. But now AI is catapulting this field forward.

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🧬 AlphaFold's goes beyond protein – will speed up drug discovery

AI AlphaFold expands beyond proteins to various biomolecule structures. This opens new horizons in drug discovery and disease understanding.