Hi Peter - This is Warp News and why you should invest

  1. Crisis News Network and other media feed us negative news that makes people pessimistic. We are changing that with fact-based optimistic news.
  2. A global media company based on paying subscribers is a huge business opportunity.
  3. We will positively impact over a billion people, make them more optimistic about the future and they will be part of creating an abundant future.
  4. Warp News is the perfect vehicle to spread news about you and your ecosystem.
  5. Fits perfectly with Abundance Digital.
  6. We just made a deal with Amazon - now is the time to get in!

About us

Warp News is part of the Warp Institute foundation, with the mission of making the future come sooner.

A fast growing global community of optimistic people.

Based in Stockholm, Sweden and Raleigh, North Carolina.