🌟 Both headsets and glasses in focus when Apple develops its own AR products

🌟 Both headsets and glasses in focus when Apple develops its own AR products

Will Apple succeed in another product category? This time in the AR area. Both headsets and glasses are currently being developed.

Per Soderstrom
Per Soderstrom

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If anyone has the ability to renew entire product categories, it's Apple. Can they succeed again?

It's been a while since Apple embarked on a new product category. Apple Watch was met with a lot of skepticism when it was launched, but they had done their homework and surprised everyone. It now sells the most watches in the world, not just the most smart watches . In the same way, the iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac managed to surprise the outside world.

Right now there are two development projects at Apple within AR. One has the code name N301 and applies to a headset for augmented reality. The second project with code name N421 concerns glasses with temples, frames and special lenses.

Of course, many will be skeptical this time as well. "See how it went for Google Glass - it did not work at all."

This is what the development at Apple looks like:
They start by developing prototypes of new products in California and China. After adjusting the product, you lock the design. Then you go into what is called the Engineering Validation Test (EVT), when thousands of units are manufactured and tested.

If you manage that phase, you start planning for large-scale production and market introduction.

Apple's headset - with 3D function - looks set to launch in 2022 - as was suggested by an internal conference in the second half of 2019.

As for glasses with AR support, you probably need another year - that is, a launch no earlier than 2023.

What impact will Apple's glasses have on opticians around the world? And for manufacturers of frames? If the phenomena with the iPhone and Apple Watch are something to compare with, it will probably be exciting.

Let the future come faster.