👁️ New artificial eye could restore eyesight to millions

👁️ New artificial eye could restore eyesight to millions

EC-EYE is almost as sensitive as an ordinary human eye. The team of robotic engineers who created it believe it has the potential to give the 285 million people worldwide who are blind their eyesight back.

Magnus Aschan
Magnus Aschan

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ElectroChemical EYE, or EC-EYE, is inspired by the human retina and developed by robotic engineers in Hong Kong and the United States. They believe that the eye, which is currently undergoing studies, may be available in about five years. EC-EYE has the potential in the near future to restore vision to the 285 million people worldwide who are blind.

The human eye has exceptional properties such as a very wide field of view, high resolution and sensitivity with low aberration. Biomimetic eyes with these properties are highly desirable, especially in robotics and visual prostheses.

But the spherical shape and retina of the eye have been a tremendous challenge to re-create by artificial means. Now, however, the team behind EC-EYE believes that they have found a method that uses nanowires to solve the problem.

Read more about the study in the scientific journal Nature .

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