Often optimists are called naive. But it's the pessimists who are naive.

Over and over again they are wrong, but soon they’ll fire off a new killjoy.

The world is far from perfect, but it’s rarely as bad as the pessimists say.


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It’s an entertaining and at the same time a bit tragic book about how wrong the pessimists have been throughout history and still are today.

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One example of Optimist's Edge

Optimist's Edge: This is when electric vehicles will be cheaper than petrol cars

Our surveys show that 80 percent are completely wrong about when electric cars will outsell petrol cars. The most common answer is that it will NEVER happen.


believe EVs will NEVER outsell gasoline cars
— Source: Warp News

But our facts show that EVs will be cheaper than gasoline cars in just four years!

👉 We show what people believe, the facts and what you can do to get the optimist’s edge.

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"Right now, the world needs knowledge and hope. Warp news gives us both, in a delightful way."

— Johan Norberg,

Author: "Progress - Ten Reasons to Look Forward to the Future"

"Warp offers a platform for optimists to dream large! It is a paradise of inspiration for futurists like me. I chose to be a premium supporter because I wanted to support a group that was reporting on the progressive and innovative news I am thrilled to read about."

— Sadira Beekha, Finance Director

"Right now, the world needs knowledge and hope. Warp news gives us both, in a delightful way.""Being a Warp Supporter is a way for us to stay up-to-date with impactful technological changes and remain forward-looking in our thinking, which all in all makes us better advisors."

— Johannes Hylander, Co-founder & Partner at New

Republic PR

Warp News Experts

Dr. Mouna Esmaeilzadeh

Warp News Health
Tech Expert

— Medical Doctor, neuroscientist,
entrepreneur, & TV personality.

Christer Fuglesang

Warp News Space

— Astronaut with two trips to the ISS,
Professor of space travel.

Nicklas Berild Lundblad

Warp News
Innovation Expert

— Head of Global Tech Policy at Stripe. Former Head of Global Policy Planning at Google. Former adjunct Professor of Innovation.

Rebecka Carlsson

Warp News Sustainability

— Sustainability Entrepreneur, Climate Activist
and Business Advisor.

Daniel S. Ruben

Warp News Food Tech

— Consultant to the Rockefeller Foundation
Food Initiative.

Karin Nilsdotter

Warp News
Space Expert

— Future astronaut, CEO Spaceport Sweden.
Pictured here with Elon Musk

Kevin Kelly
Matt Ridley
David Deutsch

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Slowing down and stopping climate change requires faster action, more ideas and new technology. We must make a green future come sooner.

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We do not create a sustainable green future by decreasing our living standards and going backward. Don’t stop traveling - use electric cars and develop electric airplanes and Hyperloops.

Use the community of fact-based optimists to test your ideas, find your business partners, crowdfund investors and a lot of inspiration and knowledge.

Warp News Premium Supporter is the bridge between people who wants to have a positive impact on the future and the impact startups that creates that future

Mathias Sundin —
The Angry Optimist

Co-founder & CEO of Warp News
Co-founder & Executive Chairman of the
Warp Institute Foundation

Mathias used to be a Member of Parliament, but choose not to run for reelection in 2018, because he had seen a big opportunity to have a more positive impact on the future.

Over the years he had become angry over how pessimists were seen as rational. Frustrated when optimists were mocked. Annoyed with the news media for their focus on negative news.

At the same time, he got more and more optimistic about the future of humanity. Life on Earth improved at a rate never seen before.

But progress was slowed down by all the pessimism. To solve enormous challenges like climate change we need to move faster.

Mathias started dreaming of a world where optimists are seen as rational. With news media showing a fact-based view of the world. And naive pessimists don't stand in the way of progress.

Therefore he founded the non-profit Warp Institute Foundation with the mission to make the future come sooner.

Warp Institute started gathering fact-based optimists from all over the world in a community.

In the community ideas are born that move humanity forward.

One future that we must make come sooner is the green future. Slowing down and stopping climate change requires faster action, more ideas and new technology.

That is why we cover the impact startups doing that.

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