πŸ’‘ Warp News Newsletter #113

πŸ’‘ Warp News Newsletter #113

The week's fact-based optimistic news.

Warp Editorial Staff
Warp Editorial Staff

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Elon Musk is humanity's most valuable player.

Musk has been named Time Person of the Year and Financial Times Person of the Year.

Perfect choice. No human being contributes more to our positive future than Elon.

I wrote a blog post about why I think so.
Elon Musk: Humanity’s MVP

Do you agree? Why? Why Β not?

Mathias Sundin
CEO of Warp News
Executive Chairman of Warp Institute

πŸ›© Onboarding has begun for electric airplanes

If we are serious about tackling climate change, it is time to embrace transportation with a smaller footprint on the environment. Vincent Roose explains how flying with electricity is the next big leap in aviation.

πŸ›© Onboarding has begun for electric airplanes

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πŸ’¬ How the green revolution can be successful

If we want to build a truly sustainable world, it isn't enough, just harming the environment less. We need to recognize that the planet's health is imperative – and caring for it is tremendously rewarding, writes Marco Borsari.

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πŸ’‘ Fact-based optimistic news of the week

🏭Portugal stops all coal power

The last coal-fired power plant in Portugal was shut down almost a decade ahead of schedule.

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πŸš— New cable could have charging done in five minutes

A liquid-cooled cable makes it possible to charge electric cars much quicker.

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🧬 Discovery could make Crispr treatments safer

By inhibiting a protein, it is possible to reduce the risk of cancer with Crispr treatments.

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🐳 Record numbers of new humpback whales

Twice as many humpback whales were born in the Salish Sea off the coast of Canada this year as last year.

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🎨Seaweed dye makes its way into haute couture

The brand Zeefier creates natural dyes made entirely from seaweed.

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☎️ The phone booth gets a second life

The UK's red phone boxes are too loved to be removed. Now they are being repurposed as mini-medical centers, the UK’s smallest nightclub and tiny community libraries.

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πŸ€ Solar panels in fields yield larger harvests

It is possible to combine electricity production and cultivation on the same surface, according to research from MΓ€lardalen University.

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πŸ›© US airline gets rid of plastic cups and bottles

Alaska Airlines are to replace their single-use plastic water bottles and plastic cups with an organic alternative.

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πŸ“± Sustainable smartphone can raise the bar for the whole industry

This smartphone is easy to repair and raises the bar for a more sustainable smartphone design.

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πŸŒ‘ The moon has enough oxygen for a massive colony

There is enough oxygen on the moon for eight billion people to be able to breathe for 100,000 years.

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