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My name is Mathias Sundin. I’m co-founder and CEO of Warp News.

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I live in the south of Sweden with my wife Emma, son Teddy and cat called Carlos. I’m really a dog person but one day a kitten showed up, liked the services we provided, and decided to employ us.

My driving force has always been that I want to have a positive impact on our future. That is why I became a Member of Parliament. But in 2018 I decided to not run for reelection because I’d seen an even bigger opportunity for change: Building a global community of fact-based optimists.

You can learn a bit more about me any why I am the Angry Optimist here:

Meet Mathias
Fact-Based Optimistic News

Why Warp News?

One of the main reasons we started Warp News. To balance the negative bias in media and give you a more fact-based, optimistic view of the world.

It's so important, that we wrote an article solely on this topic.

💡 The Case for Fact-based Optimism
“You can not use the media if you want to understand the world,” said Hans Rosling. We hope to challenge that statement by giving you a more balanced, fact-based, and optimistic view of the world and the future.

Think of this piece as “Warp News 101”. The why behind what we do and the impact we want to have on the future.

After you’ve read it, you can dive deeper by checking out our Top Reads. It's a collection of our best content from the founders of Warp News and a panel of world-class writers who contribute to Warp News because they believe in our mission of spreading fact-based optimism all over the world.

The Optimist's Edge

Hans Rosling said, “The world is improving. Though we face huge challenges, we make tremendous progress year after year. Understanding this is key to a fact-based worldview.”

The Optimist’s Edge is the unique insights we share once a week with Warp News Premium Supporters.

We look at what people believe, compare that to the facts, and in that gap find huge opportunities.

Possibilities that you can only see and grab if you have a fact-based optimistic view of the world.

One example is electric vehicles. Most people think they will never be cheaper to buy than fossil-fuel cars. But the facts show that they will become cheaper in just two or three years.

💡 Optimist’s Edge: This is when electric cars will be cheaper than petrol cars
72 percent are completely wrong about when electric cars will be cheaper to buy than petrol cars, and out of those half think that it will NEVER happen. Electric vehicles will overtake petrol cars when the cost of the battery makes them cheaper to buy. We reveal when this will happen.

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