💡 African AI software to help executives with advice

💡 African AI software to help executives with advice

South Africa has developed an innovative AI that helps businesses better understand their needs and opportunities.

Khumbu Muleya
Khumbu Muleya

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In a world-first, a South African company has developed an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered automated digital transformation agent which Monitors, Investigates, and Advises (MIA) business and technology executives on crucial and emerging trends in the field of information technologies (ICTs).

IT News Africa reported that the software was developed in a partnership between 4Sight Holdings and Bidvest Advisory Services powered ALICE TM. The software is known as 4MIA.

4Sight HoldingsChief Business Environment Officer Rudi Dreyer told IT News Africa that decision-makers can now leverage the 4MIA's automated proactive monitoring and reporting to predict the future in light of technology.

“As digital technologies and competitor capabilities rapidly evolve, business leaders and executives must constantly assess and evaluate their IT landscape. However, manual assessments take time and require experts to interpret the results,” Dreyer told IT News Africa.
Rudi Dreyer. Image: 4Sight

IT News Africa explained that 4MIA runs continuous and automated investigative and monitoring processes on an organization's internal IT landscape, assessing more data points than any person or even team could. The AI solution applies hundreds of algorithms developed using the collective intelligence of numerous experts within relevant fields to digitize business assessments. 4MIA's predictive capabilities can also tailor the solution to leverage company-specific lessons, while also introducing best practices.

Dreyer stated to IT News Africa that the automated process detects risks in a company's current technology environment, along with opportunities for IT environment optimization, business process modernization, and cost savings.

"Ultimately, the solution generates an actionable list of recommendations related to on-premises infrastructure, modern workplace (Office and Microsoft 365), and Microsoft Azure environments for optimization and modernization”,  Dreyer said to IT News Africa.
“These insights empower businesses to make timely and informed decisions about their digital transformation roadmap to accelerate their adoption of new digitally-led business models”, 4Sight Holdings Chief Digital Officer,Aldo Van Tonder also told IT News Africa that4MIA would help in closing the funding gap in the technological field.
“4MIA addresses numerous common challenges experienced during digital transformation projects, such as spending too much money on licensing, managing disparate landscapes or running duplicate or clustered systems”, Van Tonder told IT News Africa.
Aldo Van Tonder. Image: 4Sight
“As a hosted solution built on Microsoft Azure and deployed from the Microsoft cloud, we can rapidly and securely deploy 4MIA into any ICT environment, anywhere on the planet and it easily integrates with modern and legacy technologies.”

South Africa continues to make significant leaps in developing new technologies; we've previously reported that with the help of local contractors, the US National Science Foundation and the South African Radio Astronomy Observatory (SARAO) are building a new international radio telescope array in the Karoo region of the Northern Cape Province as well as a new thruster system. Developed by Hypernova Space Technologies (HST), based in Cape Town, the thrusters provide satellites with continued mobility once in space.

This spirited effort by South Africa to develop technologically augurs well with Africa's quest to develop homegrown ICTs solutions to the continent's challenges in commerce, agriculture, manufacturing, banking and finance, mining, and other sectors.

Technology is now key to almost every aspect of human development thus, one cannot live without it.

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