🏫 Warp Institute starts AI for schools company

🏫 Warp Institute starts AI for schools company

We have waited a long time, but now it is possible to create a super-smart private tutor for each student. And for the teachers, an equally smart, hard-working teaching assistant who helps with documentation and development..

Warp Editorial Staff
Warp Editorial Staff

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The documentation requirements for teachers and school staff are high. They spend considerable time on it. According to a survey, 9 out of 10 teachers believe the requirements are stressful, reduce their job satisfaction, increase their workload, and for 8 out of 10, it reduces their desire to be teachers.

Moreover, teachers also need to be just that, teachers. Which is not a walk in the park.

Help is on the way that can assist with administration and documentation, and at the same time, bring about a revolution in teaching, for both teachers and students.

The help comes in the form of artificial intelligence and ChatGPT.

With many students in multiple classes, it's difficult to give everyone the attention they need. But that's where an AI teacher steps in. It has all the time in the world and infinite patience. It can keep track of exactly what each student can do, and see both strengths and weaknesses. We've been waiting a long time, but now it's possible to create a super-smart private tutor for each student.

For the teachers, it's an equally smart, hard-working teaching assistant that will be available. It can help with documentation, as well as planning lessons and grading tests and essays.

AI initiative from Warp Institute

Today, the non-profit foundation Warp Institute (the majority owner of Warp News) has signed an agreement with the Tellus Group (Tellusgruppen). Together, we will develop AI services for schools.

This is happening in a new company, Intelligent School Solutions, within the Tellus Group where Warp Institute, Warp News, and Mathias Sundin will be minority shareholders.

"With the rapid development of artificial intelligence, digitization in the school world will accelerate in the coming years," says Bijan Fahimi, CEO of the Tellus Group. We want to be at the forefront of school development and contribute to the ongoing transformation of the education world and the new company is a step in that direction."

Bijan Fahimi, Tellus Group.

The first goal is to free up time for both teachers and other school staff, while also increasing the quality of work. Then we'll tackle the teaching itself and how students can use AI.

"For me, having worked as a teacher and trained as one, it's very exciting to now take revolutionary AI tools and create services for schools," says Mathias Sundin, founder and chairman of the Warp Institute.

Mathias Sundin, Warp Institute.

"The Swedish school debate is now about investing more in pencils. There's nothing wrong with students learning to write by hand, but with AI there's a chance to dramatically improve education. Students can learn twice as much, perhaps ten times as much," says Mathias Sundin.

Follow the work on Warp News

Here on Warp News, we will follow and report on the work. You will get to come along and see mistakes and successes, and the services and tools used in schools.

We hope this leads you to be inspired to use the new AI tools in your work or personal life, and perhaps even create new services based on them. For education, or any other area.

Warp Institute wants to level up humanity

The Warp Institute was started in 2017, with the goal of making the future come faster. Today it runs Warp News, which writes fact-based optimistic news, and the Project Energy Society together with Jonas Birgersson. Intelligent School Solutions thus becomes a third active project.