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Warp Guest Writer

Warp Guest Writer 3 min read

🌾 Stop opposing healthy food for poor children, Greenpeace

Greenpeace is running an unscientific campaign against the genetically modified golden rice. Unfortunately, they are successful, making vitamin A deficiency in many children worse.

Warp Guest Writer 3 min read

😰 The Pattern of Technology Panic

Technology panics also follow Gartner's hype curve, and in the worst case, they can initiate ill-considered bans and restrictions, writes Waldemar Ingdahl.

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🥋 Sweden's oldest Karate Kid: Grit & sisu

At the age of 69, Per Holmlöv started training in karate. It was just one of the many challenges he had taken on during his life. At the age of 80, he started painting. In this article, he writes about optimism and what it takes to have drive and perseverance.

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🗞️ I skipped the news - and lived to tell about it

After a thirty-day news fast, Tomas Söderlund found his place in a lower, calmer, and more pleasant pace of information with greater positive energy - without feeling less informed. With a little distance from everything that happens, the big features stood out better.

Warp Guest Writer 4 min read

🔧 Nobel Prize winner Gustaf Dalén – the eternal optimist

Gustaf Dalén was the Nobel laureate who experimented and developed a new cooker in his own kitchen. The new cooker revolutionized household work. He was not only a genius engineer, he was also an optimist!