🇮🇪 Ireland will replace its last coal plant with a renewable energy hub

🇮🇪 Ireland will replace its last coal plant with a renewable energy hub

Ireland is going to replace its last coal plant with a floating wind farm and a huge green energy hub. This in accordance with their goal to become coal-free.

Linn Winge
Linn Winge

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The last coal generation site in Ireland, known as Moneypoint, is being replaced. The country’s goal is to remove coal as a power source altogether. The old coal plant will be replaced with a new green energy hub.

The closure of the Moneypoint coal-fired power station is in accordance with the Irish Government’s ambition of reaching net-zero emissions by 2050. The shut down is planned to take place before 2025. The project will also create multiple job opportunities in Ireland’s midwest region.

According to the Electricity Supply Board (ESB), the new Sustainable System Support facility will contain hydrogen power storage, offshore wind production and the world’s largest synchronous compensator that adjusts conditions on the electrical power grid in order to optimise renewable energy distribution and generation.

Ireland is cooperating with the Norwegian power company Equinor in order to generate 1.4GW of offshore wind power. The country is going to use a floating hub to boost production without interfering with, or destroying, marine ecosystems.

Pat O’Doherty, ESB Chief Executive said in a statement:

“We have long signalled our intention to cease burning coal at Moneypoint. Today we are unveiling plans for a reimagined Moneypoint, which will not only create hundreds of jobs but will also help Ireland to meet its climate targets and maintain secure supplies of electricity into the future.”

Ireland taking such big steps in converting to renewable energy production is very uplifting and hopefully, their action will inspire other countries to do the same, making the future come sooner.

Picture: The Optimist Daily