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πŸŒŠπŸ’¨β˜€οΈ New platform that makes renewable energy more accessible tested off the coast of Greece

πŸŒŠπŸ’¨β˜€οΈ New platform that makes renewable energy more accessible tested off the coast of Greece

Energy is generated increasingly offshore. What is most common is offshore wind, but also wave energy is on the rise. This summer, the first platform to integrate wave, wind and solar power into a solution is being tested.

Per Pettersson
Per Pettersson

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The German company SINN Power has since 2015 provided solutions for generating energy from wave power. Now they are taking the next step and starting later this summer they will test a platform off the coast of Greece that not only uses wave power to generate energy, but combines this with solar panels and wind turbines. The solution is also modular and can be adapted to different conditions and needs in a simple and cost effective manner. In addition, the platform is also floating and therefore does not need costly anchoring in the seabed.

"Modularity has been a key aspect since we started developing maritime technologies that allow flexibility and a wide variety of applications." Says Dr. Phillip Sinn, CEO of SINN Power.

With the help of the modular platform, the energy demand can be solved for, for example, tourist islands, but it can also supplement wind farms around the coasts elsewhere. Because the platform floats, it becomes possible to place it in places where, for example, wind farms are not suitable or possible to build. The platform can withstand waves up to six meters.

The platforms will also have sensors that send data to service centers onshore. By analyzing data, service plans can be adapted for each individual platform and problems can be foreseen and corrected before something on the platform breaks down.

Each unit will have four wave power plants that generate power based on the intensity of the waves in the area. Depending on the climate and weather conditions, these can be supplemented with solar panels with up to 20 kW power and wind turbines up to 6 kW.

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