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Magnus Aschan πŸ“ˆ Human Progress

🌍 NASA: The Earth is greener now than it was 20 years ago

The Earth has become five percent greener in 20 years. In total, the increase in leaf area over the past two decades corresponds to an area as large as the Amazon rainforests.

Christoffer Skageby ⚑️ Energy

🌊 Large-scale energy production from tides is getting closer

Renewable energy production is growing strongly in wind and solar. The expansion is taking place at an ever-increasing pace, but alongside them, other technologies are also growing.

Christoffer Skageby ⚑️ Energy

🌊 The EU is taking action to strengthen energy production at sea

The EU is now presenting a strategy for increased offshore energy production. The goal is primarily an extensive expansion of offshore wind power, but technologies such as wave power and liquid solar energy will also be promoted.

Magnus Aschan πŸ” Food Tech

πŸ… 3 smart technologies that reduce food waste

10 billion tonnes of food is produced yearly, but one third of it is wasted. This has to stop, and there are several smart technologies that can help us with that.

Khumbu Muleya πŸ” Food Tech

🐝 Biological control of elephants bearing fruits in Zimbabwe

Elephant beehive fencing protects the crops and provides safety for farmers. The honey from the bees also means an additional income, writes Khumbu Muleya, Warp News reporter in Zimbabwe.

Linn Winge πŸ“ˆ Human Progress

πŸ¦‹ β€œExtinct” butterfly returns to England

Scientists have successfully reintroduced the butterfly "Large Blue" in England, making this insect conservation program one of the biggestΒ and most successful in the world.

Warp Curated News ❀️ Health Tech

🦜 Animal prosthetics: 13 animals that were given a new lease on life

Prosthetics are amazing. Not only do they give human beings back their independence and mobility, but animals are also benefiting from them too. Here are 13 great stories of animals getting back on their feet, fins, and wings thanks to their new prosthetics.

Magnus Aschan πŸ“ˆ Human Progress

πŸ”₯ The size of the world's fires has decreased by 25 percent

Between 2003 and 2019, the size of the world's fires decreased by 25 percent, according to NASA.

Linn Winge Environment

🐦 Fires help the endangered black-backed woodpecker

Wildfires help the endangered black-backed woodpecker which is a keyspecies for a healthy ecosystem.