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🍲 Ikea's cookbook helps you turn food waste into feasts

🍲 Ikea's cookbook helps you turn food waste into feasts

Much of what we throw in the compost can be eaten and Ikea wants us to be better at eating even what may look a little unappetizing.

Kent Olofsson
Kent Olofsson

Bacon of banana peel? Lasagne with overripe tomatoes and dry bread? Poor knights and whipped cream with a little coffee grounds? It tastes good, according to Ikea in Canada, which has made a whole cookbook with dishes that use ingredients we normally throw in the compost .

In Canada alone, people throw away 2.2 million tons of food that is fully edible. It's everything from bread that has become a little dry to things that most people would not have a thought of eating - like banana peels. About two-thirds of what is thrown away is fully edible. With the cookbook Scraps Book, which can be downloaded for free , Ikea hopes to be able to show that food waste is often food.

To help, Ikea took ten chefs who were allowed to compose dishes where the only common denominator was that the food must contain things that we normally throw away. The result was a cookbook with 50 recipes that will provide inspiration for how we can cook good food with things that we would normally wrinkle our noses at.

The idea of ​​eating what many see as food waste is hardly new. But if the giant company Ikea starts spreading the message, surely many more can open their eyes to how much edible we throw away.

In addition to the recipes, the book also contains tips on how to reuse non-edible parts. For example, it can be about putting what is left of a vegetable in water so that it grows to itself or how to build your own compost.

Image: Ikea