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Kent Olofsson

Kent Olofsson

Kent Olofsson 📈 Human Progress

🦁 South Africa makes move to ban breeding of captive lions

Hundreds of farms in South Africa breed lions for hunting. The governmant of South Africa has presented a study and recommends a ban.

Kent Olofsson ⚡️ Energy

🔋Renewables have halved emissions in the USA

A study shows that the transition to renewable electricity has been much faster than experts thought 15 years ago.

Kent Olofsson ❤️ Health Tech

🧒 A new app can detect autism in children

A new app records eye movements in kids to evaluate the probability of autism.

Kent Olofsson ♻️ Green Tech

💦Water can be cleaned with biomass and a microwave

A new manufacturing method can make the production of water-purifying hydrogels more environmentally friendly.

Kent Olofsson ♻️ Green Tech

🛍️A plastic mixed with enzymes that decomposes

Plastics don't decompose naturally. But researchers have found a way to make plastic rot. In a few years, the new type of plastic can be on the market.

Kent Olofsson ♻️ Green Tech

🐠Coral reefs could be treated with antibiotics

A cream with antibiotics repaired 95 percent of the damage to a coral reef caused by infections.

Kent Olofsson ❤️ Health Tech

💉 A new malaria vaccine shows better results than expected

In a study, a new vaccine provides 77% protection against malaria. The vaccine can be mass-produced cheaply.

Kent Olofsson ❤️ Health Tech

📱 A new app will help women with urine leakage

An app with information and exercise programs can reduce the discomfort for women with urinary incontinence.

Kent Olofsson Environment

🐝Walmart push policy to protect pollinators

Walmart requires suppliers to stop using pesticides and to start to facilitate pollinating insects on their lands.