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Kent Olofsson

Kent Olofsson

Kent Olofsson ❤️ Health Tech

😩 An inflatable implant can ease pain more efficient than pills

An implant thin as hair that wraps around the spine can help patients that suffer from severe pain.

Kent Olofsson 🛰 Space

🚀 A sustainability rating of spacecraft targets space debris

A new sustainable grading of spacecraft will help customers choose launches that do not contribute to the daunting amount of space debris in orbit.

Kent Olofsson 🍔 Food Tech

🍔 Worlds first factory for cultured meat is now running

Cultivated meat is now taking the step to industrial production. Future Meat has set up a factory in Rehovot, Isreal, with the aim of making cell-grown meat affordable for everyone.

Kent Olofsson ❤️ Health Tech

🥽 VR provides pain relief to kids with burn injuries

A VR app reduces the pain when children with burn injuries need to do dressing changes.

Kent Olofsson ❤️ Health Tech

🐝Vaccine for bees makes them immune against pesticides

A vaccine can break down pesticides in the stomach of bees, preventing them from dying. The new vaccine has turned into a company.

Kent Olofsson ❤️ Health Tech

💊A mint that can make your teeth whiter

Scientists have genetically engineered a mint that rebuilds destroyed enamel and makes your teeth whiter.

Kent Olofsson ❤️ Health Tech

✈ The sound of airplanes – from thunder to the rumbling of a hairdryer

A new sound-insulating material can lower the noise level of an airplane engine by 80 percent, and at the same time reduce the weight of the insulating material.

Kent Olofsson ❤️ Health Tech

👃 An electronic nose smells cancer in blood samples

A regular blood test can show if you have cancer cells in your blood and if a tumor is benign or malignant.

Kent Olofsson 🛰 Space

🌑Scientists want to build a particle accelerator on the moon

Scientists are discovering what a lunar particle accelerator could achieve. The idea of conducting particle collisions on the moon, might not even be that unrealistic.