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🍲 This smart garbage disposal will compost your food scraps instead of sending them off to the sewer

🍲 This smart garbage disposal will compost your food scraps instead of sending them off to the sewer

Rather than shredding up your food waste and sending it to the sewers, this new device collects all of your food scraps for composting.

Rich Spuller
Rich Spuller

Composting has long been a great way to improve garden soils, increase personal sustainability, and foster a better environment for plants.  It also relieves burden on local sewers and landfills.  However, many people are turned off by the task of handling old, smelly food scraps.

Sepura Home has now developed a new kind of garbage disposal that can attach to any kitchen drain, allowing homeowners to flush all of their food scraps right down the sink. The food is then collected in to a sealed, scent-proof container that can hold up to four weeks of waste before it needs to be emptied.

And since there are no blades to dull or break, you can throw almost anything down the sink.  Things like avocado pits, egg shells, crab shells, even bones. Semi-solids such as soup or chili also work great, as the solid ingredients, and even coagulated fats will be automatically separated from any liquids.

The collection bin's cover doubles as a carbon filter so you won't smell a thing as the bin slowly fills. And you won't even have to remove the cover until you're ready to empty the bin thanks to a series of four LEDs which light up as it fills.

The Sepura was designed by Canadian engineering company Anvy Technologies, and is being hailed as “the only sustainable food waste disposing device available” which can be permitted in any municipality.

It is slated to go on sale this fall and retail for $340.