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♻️ Recyclable plastic turns into building blocks

♻️ Recyclable plastic turns into building blocks

Recycled plastic blocks can be used for construction and help diminish plastic pollution at the same time.

Linn Winge
Linn Winge

A startup called ByFusion has developed a solution to use both non-recyclable and recyclable plastic and turn them into building blocks. These blocks are called ByBlocks, and they have 16-by-8-by-8-inch dimensions. They can be used for all types of constructions. Before compressing the blocks, the plastic doesn’t even have to be pre-sorted or even cleaned out, which saves both time and resources.

There are three different brick models: the first one is designed with pegs that can interlock. The second one is completely flat, and the third one is a combination of both.

ByBlocks have one flaw, they are susceptible to sunlight. Nonetheless, if a coat of clear paint is applied or if the blocks are paired with great weather-resistant materials, the ByBlocks function just as well as cement blocks.

Right now, ByFusion has its production unit in Los Angeles, and it can manage up to 450 tons of plastic each year. So far, the firm estimates that they have recycled 103 tons of plastic, and they hope to be able to recycle 100 million tons by 2030.

🚢 Plastic in the ocean is used in asphalt
Fishers in India have been picking up plastic from the ocean that becomes an ingredient in asphalt. The project has been a success and is now spreading to the whole fishing workforce.