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πŸ”‹ "Sea battery" provides energy even when it is not windy

πŸ”‹ "Sea battery" provides energy even when it is not windy

A battery, which is actually a small hydropower plant, can store large amounts of energy from offshore wind turbines.

Kent Olofsson
Kent Olofsson

A shortcoming of wind power is that it doesn't generate any electricity if it is not blowing. The solution is to store enough energy when wind power produces more electricity than needed. The Dutch company Ocean Grazer has now developed a new "offshore battery," Ocean Battery, for offshore wind turbines.

The battery is installed on the seabed under the wind turbines. Even though the company calls the solution a battery, it actually works as a hydropower plant.

When the wind turbine produces more electricity than needed, some of the electricity is used to pump water into containers where it is stored under high pressure. When more electricity is needed, the water is released and drives turbines that generate electricity.

Ocean Battery is mounted on the seabed in direct connection to the wind turbines so there is no need for separate battery parks on land.

The entire solution is scalable as it is possible to connect several batteries to store as much electricity as needed.

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