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β™» Swedish record in recycling

β™» Swedish record in recycling

For the tenth year in a row, the amount of packaging we recycle in Sweden is increasing.

Kent Olofsson
Kent Olofsson

The Swedes are getting better at handing in packaging for recycling, the latest figures from the Packaging Collection, FTI show.

In 2021, 552,600 tonnes of packaging were collected in the country. This is the highest figure ever recorded and an increase of six percent from 2020. In ten years, the amount of packaging collected has increased by over 50 percent.

On average, each Swede handed in 53 kilos of packaging for recycling. An increase of three kilos per inhabitant compared to last year.

"It is very gratifying that the packaging collection breaks records year after year. There are unimaginably large volumes that must be taken care of when the packaging has served its purpose. The commitment of the Swedes to recycling and climate issues has resulted in an overall collection increase of 55 percent in our nationwide system since 2012. Recycling is a small contribution that everyone can make, and when there are many of us who do it together, it has a big effect," says Helena NylΓ©n, CEO at FTI.

The largest increase was accounted for by paper packaging. Here, the amount of packaging collected increased by 13 percent or 22,000 tons. The Swedes are the best at recycling glass. Here, each citizen submits 23.2 kilos. The same figure for paper is 18.9 kilograms and plastic is 9 kilograms per inhabitant.

"The result is proof that Sweden's residents are committed and want to recycle, but we can still do better. For example, as much as one in two plastic-packagings still ends up in household waste. With the dedication and knowledge of those who recycle, we have the conditions for all packaging, regardless of material type, to be returned for recycling. Every piece of packaging collected makes a difference and contributes to a more sustainable society," says Helena NylΓ©n.

Read the detailed statistics here.

Photo: FTI/Jenny Brolin