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πŸ‘΅ Older optimists have a better memory

πŸ‘΅ Older optimists have a better memory

People with a positive attitude towards life are less likely to suffer from memory impairment as they get older.

Kent Olofsson
Kent Olofsson

Old age has long been associated with impaired memory. As the years get more and more, the memories become less and less. But now a research team from Northwestern University in the United States has published a study that suggests that optimism may affect the risk of poor memory .

Researchers began following 991 middle-aged Americans in 1995 and have since continually tested their memory. It turned out that those who had a more positive outlook on life were less likely to suffer from memory impairment.

- Our study showed that memory deteriorates with age. However, individuals with a more positive attitude had a less steep deterioration of memory for almost an entire decade, says Emily Hittner, lead author of the study.

Now more research is needed to prove that it is really optimism that reduces the risk of bad memory, but researchers are working on it and feeling optimistic.

In their further research, the researchers will now investigate whether a positive attitude can influence known healthy behaviors. Among other things, the researchers want to see if positive people are also more physically active or have more rewarding social relationships.