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πŸš— Innovative motorhome offers energy independence on the road

πŸš— Innovative motorhome offers energy independence on the road

The Stella Vita Project is an innovative motorhome with solar panels, totally independent both in mobility and in internal services.

Marco Borsari
Marco Borsari

The Solar Team of Eindhoven has created the Stella Vita Project, an innovative motorhome with solar panels, totally independent both in mobility and in internal services.

When developing sustainable technologies, it is necessary to take into account that they must involve all human activities as well as guarantee the same convenience as previous technological models.

Hence, the tourism and travel sector also needs inventions in line with the ecological transition. Taking this into consideration, a team of 22 students from the Eindhoven University of Technology wants to revolutionize the world of travel with the Stella Vita project.

The philosophy behind SHOW

The Self-sustaining House on Wheels (SHOW) intends to make journeys on the road independent and energy-sustainable, as well as very comfortable.

Traveling by camper, you usually want to:

β€’ Have as much independence as possible, not having to stop at every camping or petrol station, but being able to overnight practically wherever the roads allow.
β€’ Ensure a certain comfort in travel and accommodation, with all the services you have at home

The Solar Team Eindhoven has thought of precisely these aspects in the development of Stella Vita.

Energy independence is essential

Stella Vita is designed to have maximum energy efficiency, not to require frequent stops to refuel or recharge the batteries. The energy required for the SHOW is freely obtained from the sun, thanks to a battery of solar panels that can be expanded during stops, stored in a 60 kWh battery. This guarantees a maximum mileage range of 600km or 730km during the daytime.

Furthermore, extra energy is generated to be spent on internal services, from the kitchen to the heating of water for the shower. All with only one renewable source: the sun.

A specific aerodynamic shape on the drop model has been developed to minimize resistance and increase energy efficiency during motion. The weight has been reduced to a minimum, implementing specific materials to reduce the transported mass without compromising safety.

Being developed during the era of big data, showing data to improve the use of technology is an additional integrated feature. Stella Vita implements an Infotainment system, where energy consumption and residuals are displayed. This helps the user make more precise choices about the available energy use.

Photo: Solar Team Eindhoven

Search for comfort central for the project

When Stella Vita stops, it changes shape. The roof is raised, allowing the passenger to stand up in the camper and carry out daily activities. This idea makes it possible to reduce the dimensions of the vehicle, favoring aerodynamics but guaranteeing comfort during stops.

Furthermore, standing still, extra-solar panels slide out laterally, increasing the available surface from 8.8 to 17.5 m2. The interiors contain all the necessary comforts, from the bathroom to the kitchen to the bed. The interior design with very large windows has been designed to better integrate with the surrounding environment and allow for a simple transition from outside to inside.

3000 km test tour completed

A Stella Vita test on the road began on September 19th. It traveled 3,000 km from Eindhoven to Tarifa, where it arrived on October 15th. Apart from some initial technical problems, which were later solved, Stella Vita has successfully completed her first trip, showing the way of the future of road travel.