Kevin Kelly

Warp Editorial Staff 26 min read

πŸ’» Transcription of our Kevin Kelly interview

Transcription of our interview with Kevin Kelly, on his latest book, Great Advice for Living and on AI, the next hundred years, Warp News and much more.

Mathias Sundin 4 min read

πŸ“š Kevin Kelly: Focus on the biggest opportunities, not the biggest problems

We talk about some of the 450 advice in his new book, but also about his new project: Protopia - the hundred-year desirable future. And Kevin Kelly give advice for how Warp News should grow faster: "Wrap it around people and their dreams."

Mathias Sundin 3 min read

πŸ€– Kevin Kelly: Don't regulate AI based on fear of human extinction

"Just being really smart doesn't mean you can trump and overcome the will to survive of eight billion people."

Kevin Kelly 14 min read

πŸ’‘ Kevin Kelly: The Case for Optimism

Kevin Kelly is the founder of Wired Magazine and author of several books, among them The Inevitable. For Warp News he presents his case for optimism.