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Tobias Wahlqvist 8 min read

βš”οΈ Do you participate in the media's constructed war of opinions?

The news purports to inform, but it does not. Their made-up conflicts make us less actionable and less informed. Their contrived wars of opinion are fought by volunteers. It is possible to opt-out.

Mathias Sundin 3 min read

πŸ“° OMG! It’s alive! Local news makes a comeback

Local newspapers are dying, but local news is making a comeback. New players like Overstory Media Group are now making a big push to expand local journalism. That is not surprising at all - the opportunity is better than ever before. If you want to start a local newsletter, you should read this.

Mathias Sundin 7 min read

πŸ—žοΈ You can save local journalism and make a ton of money - want to know how?

Everyone thinks local journalism is going down the drain, but they confuse it with local newspapers. Zero distribution cost and the tools of the internet is a significant asset that can help you grab one of today's most massive business opportunities and at the same time support local democracy.

Magnus Aschan 1 min read

✏️ Warp News is hiring writers and editors

We are now looking for writers and editors who have good knowledge in both English and Swedish, as well as good technical understanding.