💡 Warp News #170

Warp Editorial Staff
Warp Editorial Staff

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🚀🕺 Blast from the past

Last week was a real blast from the past for me.


The new government announced they were getting rid of the bizarre dance law in Sweden. It is a very old law that says if you want to “organize dance” at like a night club or a bar, you need a permit. Yes, a permit.

To show how absurd this law was, I “danced” in Parliament in 2015. Of course a lot of media picked that up, and that draw attention to the law. Next year Parliament passed a bill saying that it should be abolished.

The government has been slow, but last week they finally acted.


In Parliament I proposed a new space policy for Sweden. One of the things I proposed was that the rocket base in northern Sweden, Esrange, should be expanded. I wanted it to have the capacity to launch orbital rockets.

Last week the expansion of Spaceport Esrange was inaugurated.

Of course, I’ve not been alone in pushing for any of this. But it feels nice to see things you work for become reality.

💡 A talk by the Angry Optimist?

Thanks to everyone who reached out after I last week wrote about my new talk: Optimist's Edge.

I am happy to receive tips and introductions to events, companies and organizations that may be interested in a talk.

If you yourself are an organizer — please get in touch!

Email: mathias.sundin@warpinstitute.org

Read more about me, the lecture and why I'm an angry optimist here.

Mathias Sundin

💡 Optimist's Edge: The prosperity of a world without wars

💡 In 2021 the world spent over $2 trillion on military expenses. Over 2000 billion dollars! That is 2.1 percent of the world's gross domestic product, GDP. In a world at peace, that money could be used for science, lowering taxes, art, the environment – or whatever area you prioritize.

💡 Optimist’s Edge: The prosperity of a world without wars

🎥 Chris Nolan: How storytelling can change the future — what’s wrong and how to fix it

Why is the real story of a better future not being told? And how can we fix that? Asked and answered by Chris Nolan, a multiple Emmy-winning director-writer.

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🌤 A solar project that is a Win-Win-Win-Win

A 10 megawatt community solar landfill project is being developed in New Jersey. The solar farm consists of two 5 MW systems and they can produce enough electricity for about 2000 homes.

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🦎 Pink iguana babies spotted for the first time ever

For the first time ever, pink iguana hatchlings and babies have been spotted on the Galápagos islands. This brings so much hope to scientists.

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🌳 Man on a mission to plant five million trees

A man in Senegal is on a mission to plant five million trees over the next five years after returning to his village and finding only a handful of the big trees he grew up with still remained.

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🚬 Crows help remove cigarette butts from the streets of Sweden

In Sweden, a startup is training wild crows to pick up cigarette butts from the streets.

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🧬 Gene profiling can help cancer patients avoid unnecessary radiotherapy

A gene profile can show which breast cancer patients do not need radiation after breast conserving surgery.

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🔬 Easier to predict if a cancer treatment is effective

A new method could help doctors know in advance which cancer drugs will work best for each patient.

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🦈 Drones will protect surfers from sharks - and sharks from people

Drones can detect sharks long before they pose a danger to surfers and swimmers and reduce the risk of sharks becoming entangled and dying in safety nets around beaches.

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