πŸ’‘ Warp News Newsletter #79

πŸ’‘ Warp News Newsletter #79

The week's fact-based optimistic news.

Warp Editorial Staff
Warp Editorial Staff

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πŸŽ™οΈ Would you like to have understood bitcoin in 2012? Internet in 1995? Tesla in 2019?

I founded Warp News with Magnus Aschan, Eric Porper and Rich Spuller, and now we four have made our podcast premiere together.

We're talking about the new Optimist's Edge that we launched this week (which you received emails about on Monday and Wednesday.)

Optimist's Edge is the edge fact-based optimists have that is part of our paid membership, Premium Supporter.

In the podcast, we highlight some historical examples where it would have been very good to have the Optimist's Edge and I give an example of when I did not have the Optimist's Edge and missed a huge opportunity.

Welcome to listen, it's only about 15 minutes long.

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Mathias Sundin
CEO of Warp News
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πŸ’‘ Fact-based optimistic news of the week

πŸš— This is when electric cars will be cheaper than petrol cars.

72 percent are completely wrong about when electric cars will be cheaper to buy than petrol cars, and out of those half think that it will NEVER happen.

Electric vehicles will overtake petrol cars when the cost of the battery makes them cheaper to buy.

We reveal when this will happen.

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Fact-based optimistic news of the week

β˜•οΈ Coffee pulp - a way to speed up forest restoration.

To spread coffee pulp, which is a by-product from coffee production, over degraded lands can help it recover more quickly, a new study finds.

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⚑️🌊 Tidal energy takes Scotland towards zero emissions.

Scotland is at the forefront of fighting climate change. On their way towards net-zero, electric cars on the island of Yell can now be powered by tidal energy.

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πŸŽ“10 times faster AI- learning with a new processor.

Grace is Nvidia's first processor designed specifically for data centers. The company believes that the processor stands for a significant increase in performance. It is supposed to achieve 10 times faster learning of AI models thanks to energy-efficient ARM cores.

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πŸš€ MOXIE is generating oxygen on Mars to prepare for manned missions.

MOXIE is a small box in the size of a car battery, designed by NASA to convert carbon dioxide to oxygen- in a similar way to photosynthesis in plants. The oxygen generating box is right now on the surface of Mars together with the rover Perseverance, ready to be tested during coming experiments.

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🌻5 examples of how renewable energy is changing the game.

Worl Economic Forum lists five examples of renewable energy success stories, to emphasize the unstoppable trend.

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πŸš€ NASA makes the first flight on another planet.

The Mars helicopter Ingenuity has completed a first successful flight. The event is historic and NASA calls it "a Wright Brothers moment".

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🐘 Decreased interest in Ivory in China.

The demand for ivory is at the lowest measured number in four years. Eight percent of respondents in a survey said they intend to buy ivory.

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β›½ New method makes it 100 times more efficient to produce hydrogen.

A new catalyst lowers the energy requirements for producing hydrogen so much that sunlight in the future can replace natural gas as an energy source in processes.

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