πŸ’‘ Warp News Newsletter #87

πŸ’‘ Warp News Newsletter #87

The week's fact-based optimistic news.

Warp Editorial Staff
Warp Editorial Staff

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πŸ“± New technology gives power to the people

When the church struck against Martin Luther 500 years ago and excommunicated him, it should have been the end for him and his movement.

That obviously did not happen.

Why not?

Because Luther used a new revolutionary technique to get his message out: the printing press.

In the past, people had received almost all of their information about the church, in the church, from the church. But now there was an alternative.

This week I write about how Martin Luther rounded the gatekeepers and gave power to the people.

Many complain about new technologies because what Luther did creates a commotion. But the alternative is for power to be concentrated in a few individuals or organizations.

Every time that happens, we should find ways to transfer power to more and more people through democracy and new technology.

Mathias Sundin
CEO Warp News

πŸ’‘ Optimist's Edge: The glasses that will help you learn

Construct machines as a service technician, decorate your house as an interior designer, or paint as an artist.

Soon, AR glasses will allow you to become an expert in areas you previously did not even dare to go try out.

Despite this, most people do not even know what AR (Augmented Reality) is.

πŸ’‘ Optimist's Edge: The glasses that will help you learn

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Mathias Sundin
CEO of Warp News
Chairman of Warp Institute

β›ͺ Martin Luther – The First Twitterer

In just four years Martin Luther went from a complete unknown, to the bestselling author in Europe. A couple of years later he had become such a threat to the church that they banned him. How was this possible before radio, tv and the internet? He used a breakthrough technology, in a new way.

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Fact-based optimistic news of the week

🌳 Crushed rock might reduce the CO2 in the atmosphere

This startup is putting its faith in spreading crushed basalt rock on the ground in forests and on farmlands in order to reduce the carbon dioxide already in the atmosphere.

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🐠 Two new massive marine parks in Australia

Australia establishes two new marine parks around Christmas Island and Cocos Island. Together the parks will be twice the size of the Great Barrier Reef marine park.

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πŸ›₯ Self-driving boats are being tested in Amsterdam's canals

Self-propelled small boats that can function as taxis or floating bins can soon operate on Amsterdam's many canals.

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