πŸ’‘ Warp News Newsletter #89

πŸ’‘ Warp News Newsletter #89

The week's fact-based optimistic news.

Warp Editorial Staff
Warp Editorial Staff

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πŸš€ Join Warp Space Summit in September

Yesterday I went to LinkΓΆping to present the Warp Space Summit, together with our partner Cavok District.

It will be the largest space conference in Sweden since 1985.

But don't worry if you can't travel to Sweden then - it will all be online. We are using the event tool Hopin to create a great digital experience as well.

Interviewed by Swedish Public Radio.

It will be a visionary, future-oriented conference (surprise!) with a focus on our future in space.

It will not be an internal industry conference, instead we target everyone who is curious about space and who wants to contribute to our future among the stars.

We will show Optimist's Edge in space, but we also have more traditional speakers.

Like Dr. Tanya Harrison - one of the world's leading Martians. She has worked on several NASA missions to Mars.

We now have an astronomically good opening offer:

Ticket to Warp Space Summit
+ 12 months Premium Supporter membership

For only $25 - 75% off the regular price.

πŸ‘‰ Read more and book a ticket.

Mathias Sundin
CEO Warp News

πŸ’‘ Optimist's Edge: Media headlines on bitcoin are wrong – again

The media has portrayed Bitcoin as an environmental disaster.

But in this article, we will tell you why it might be more energy-efficient than alternatives.

πŸ’‘ Optimist's Edge: Media headlines on bitcoin are wrong – again

The article is exclusive to our Premium Supporters. In a minute you can register and get immediate access to it.

The first month is free and you can cancel at any time if you wish.

Check out Premium Supporter!

Mathias Sundin
CEO of Warp News
Chairman of Warp Institute

πŸ“– Kelly Odell's book tips for the summer

Grab one of these brilliant books, bring a cup of coffee, sit in the shadow, and indulge. Kelly Odell gives you book tips that make your summer smarter.

πŸ‘‰ Read this Premium Supporter article on Warp News.

Fact-based optimistic news of the week

πŸ” Worlds first factory for cultured meat is now running

Cultivated meat is now taking the step to industrial production. Future Meat has set up a factory in Rehovot, Isreal, with the aim of making cell-grown meat affordable for everyone.

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πŸ₯½ VR provides pain relief to kids with burn injuries

A VR app reduces the pain when children with burn injuries need to do dressing changes.

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🏠 Houses in Nigeria are built from plastic bottles

In Nigeria, villages are building houses of old plastic bottles and the construction can withstand earthquakes.

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🚒 Ships are to release alkalinizing agents over coral reefs

Researchers have found a new method to help coral reefs while the world seeks a permanent solution.

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πŸ’» Tesla reveals supercomputer that is training self-driving AI

During a conference, Tesla showed off its supercomputer. The computer is said to be the fifth most powerful in the world and it is a prototype for the even more powerful computer "Dojo" that Tesla is currently working on.

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πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ Sweden remains EU leader in innovation

Sweden remains in the lead as an innovation leader when the EU presents the European Innovation Scoreboard for 2021.

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🌽Togolese farmers are using drones to increase production

African farmers are beginning to utilize the benefits of using drones. The technology has the potential to help to increase the harvest and detect crop diseases.

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πŸš™ Fiat is transitioning to all-electric starting 2025

The Italian automaker Fiat is planning on transitioning its fleet to all-electric by 2030.

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🐝Vaccine for bees makes them immune against pesticides

A vaccine can break down pesticides in the stomach of bees, preventing them from dying. The new vaccine has turned into a company.

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πŸ’ŠA mint that can make your teeth whiter

Scientists have genetically engineered a mint that rebuilds destroyed enamel and makes your teeth whiter.

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πŸ”¬Scientists have created a microscope armed with quantum entanglement

A new microscope outperforms all existing modern microscopes. The innovation does this by combining high-intensity light and quantum entanglement.

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