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πŸ‘ Spot the robot dog is now herding sheep in New Zealand

πŸ‘ Spot the robot dog is now herding sheep in New Zealand

Boston Dynamics team up with Rocos to use it's four-legged robot in agriculture.

Magnus Aschan
Magnus Aschan

Spot is the name of Boston Dynamics four-legged robot that previously have been used for such diverse tasks as enforcing social distancing in Singapore and screen COVID-19 patients at a Boston hospital.

Now the robot is being used in agriculture to herd sheep as Boston Dynamics has announced a new partnership with New Zealand company Rocos.

Spot out and about at a farm in New Zealand.

Rocos provides a cloud platform to build and manage robot operations and through it's remote operation technology Spot can gather agricultural data. The company claims that its software will make Spot more useful on remote missions, and make the data collected by Spot more useful and accessible for remote teams.

Rocos predicts that their tool set will be useful in agriculture, making food production more efficient, yielding more accurate estimates, and easing the strain of worker shortages.

All images courtesy of Rocos.

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