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πŸ”Œ This charging robot charges an electric car where there are no fixed chargers

πŸ”Œ This charging robot charges an electric car where there are no fixed chargers

If there are not enough charging posts in the parking lot, a charging robot can come to the rescue.

Kent Olofsson
Kent Olofsson

Sales of electric cars are increasing almost exponentially , but the expansion of charging posts is not keeping pace . Now, in early 2021, Volkswagen will launch a solution that can at least temporarily reduce the problem.

It is about a robot that can automatically go around and charge electric cars . The car can send a request to the robot to be charged via Car-to-X . The robot then goes to the car, asks the car to open the charging door, plugs in the charging cable and charges the car's battery. If the car does not have Car-to-X technology, there is an app that can be used instead.

Now it is not intended that an army of robots should circulate around the cities and look for cars that need to be charged. Instead, the robot should be used in special places where there is a shortage of charging posts.

This may, for example, be car parks or large car parks outside external shopping centers where more chargers are needed during certain periods. Another example could be car parks outside event arenas where visitors may want to charge the car during the event, but where it is otherwise quite empty of cars.

In other words, the robot is most useful in places where many poles are needed for a short time or where the expansion of charging posts has not yet taken place to cover the need. With the robot, you really only need a charging post that is reserved for the robot, or the robots if there are many vehicles to be charged.

- Our development focuses not only on customers' needs and the technical requirements of electric vehicles. Without product development also takes into account the financial opportunities it can provide our partners. Now those who own parking garages and parking spaces can quickly and easily "electrify" each parking space with the help of our robot, says Thomas Schmall, CEO of Volkswagen Group Components.