🎞 First entertainment studio in space to launch in 2024

🎞 First entertainment studio in space to launch in 2024

Tom Cruise's upcoming movie produced in space is the start of a new entertainment era.

Jakob Holgersson
Jakob Holgersson

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We have previously reported on how two feature film projects are competing to become the first to be recorded in space.

In the end, it wasn't Tom Cruise and the American film team who won the competition of becoming the first movie produced in space. Russian "Challenge," or "Vyzov," starring Yulia Pereslid, was the first to accomplish this.

However, the production company behind the Tom Cruise movie, Space Entertainment Enterprise, is now creating more entertainment in space. In a statement, they announce they are building the first "Entertainment Arena and Content Studio" in space, known as the SEE-1.

β€œFrom Jules Verne to Star Trek, science fiction entertainment has inspired millions of people around the world to dream about what the future might bring. Creating a next-generation entertainment venue in space opens countless doors to create great new content and make these dreams a reality.”, says Richard Johnston, COO, Space Entertainment Enterprise.

The SEE-1 is a module that will attach to the International Space Station. Axiom Space has been commissioned with the construction. Axiom, which was founded in 2016, will ad a commercial section to the ISS in 2024. In turn to this section, the SEE-1 will attach later the same year. The module is an inflatable construction with a radius of 20 feet or six meters.

Such a complicated term is used instead of just "movie set" because its intended use is not only to record feature-length films but also to take advantage of the microgravity environment for activities that include music production and sports.

The ISS is expected to be decommissioned by 2028. Sometime before that, Axiom's commercial section will disconnect from the ISS and become the world's first commercial space station, Axiom Station.

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