🚀 Now you can buy a ticket to Sweden's largest space conference

🚀 Now you can buy a ticket to Sweden's largest space conference

On 19 September, the gates to Sweden's largest space conference in almost 40 years will open: the Warp Space Summit. Now you can book a ticket to participate digitally and, hopefully, also physically in Linköping.

Magnus Aschan
Magnus Aschan

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On 19 September, the international space conference Warp Space Summit will take place online and on site in Linköping. It is the largest space conference in Sweden since 1985.

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This conference is for everyone who wants to be involved and create the future of humanity in space, young and old.

"Space is no longer just for a few, but for everyone. We are an optimistic organization that sees a bright future for humans on earth and in space and the goal of the conference is to show how everyone who wants can be involved and drive that development," says Mathias Sundin, former member of parliament and founder of the Warp Institute, the organization behind Warp Space Summit.

Mathias Sundin is interviewed by Swedish Radio.

He believes that space used to be only for nations or billionaires, but now it is open to everyone.

"We need entrepreneurs, lawyers, teachers, programmers, biologists, game developers, writers, artists and maybe even politicians, to create our future in space," says Sundin.

When space opens up, enormous opportunities are created. Several sessions are therefore about how to take advantage of and grab these opportunities.

Among the speakers is Dr. Tanya Harrison, who will give us a unique presentation of the Mars rover Curiosity using augmented reality and of course share her knowledge of the latest Mars rover, Perseverance and the helicopter, Ingenuity.

Among the speakers are Dr. Tanya Harrison, who has worked on several NASA missions to Mars, and Sven Grahn, the Swedish "space nestor" who will talk about how to build giant space colonies. In addition, Daniel Moregård, from the Swedish gaming giant Paradox will entice the audience. He is the game director for the strategy game Stellaris, which takes place in a distant galaxy.

The tickets are cheap so that everyone who wants to has the opportunity to participate.

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Ahead of the main event, three events will be held online, including with Christer Fuglesang and Eric Berger, who wrote the book "Liftoff" about SpaceX's first dramatic years.

Warp Space Summit takes place in collaboration with, among others, the real estate company Sankt Kors, which will showcase the corporate environment Cavok District, which is connected to the airport in Linköping, an area that is developed primarily for operations in space, aviation and advanced materials.