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🚞 This company plants a tree for every train ticket sold

🚞 This company plants a tree for every train ticket sold

For every train ticket sold through their app or website, this company plants a tree in the UK.

Linn Winge
Linn Winge

Train travel is bouncing back and now a UK train ticket service is making rail travel even greener.

The service is called Trainhugger and they want to make train travel more eco-friendly by planting a tree in the UK for every ticket sold through their app or website. There is no difference in cost for the passenger. Trainhugger vows to donate a third of their income to tree planting.

β€œThis is a really easy way for people to change their behavior and become greener without it costing them any more. If you’re planning a trip, book your train ticket with us and we’ll plant a tree in your name,” says Ed Caldecott, founder and CEO of Trainhugger to Travel Begins at 40.

Trainhugger have gotten help from experts at the Royal Forestry Society (RFS) and the Royal Scottish Forestry Society (RSFS) to make sure that both the right species of trees are planted and that they are planted in the best way possible. The company has the potential to plant millions of trees across the UK every year.

β€œTrain travel also produces significantly less CO2 than traditional car travel so this is a win-win for conscientious travelers, the environment, and for those planting resilient woodland,” says RFS Development Manager Jen Turner.

Passengers can keep track of how many trees have been planted and how much carbon has been saved with help from the app. The service’s goal is to plant 10 million trees by 2025.

Giving people a way of doing things for the environment in their everyday life could be a smart way to make a more sustainable future come sooner.

Picture: Travel Begins at 40

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