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πŸ”¬ AI helps us map the brain in order to cure brain diseases

πŸ”¬ AI helps us map the brain in order to cure brain diseases

Researchers have used AI to create a molecular map of a mouse brain. This can eventually give us completely new opportunities to find treatments for diseases like Alzheimer's.

Kent Olofsson
Kent Olofsson

Researchers at KTH and Karolinska Institute have developed a method that can give us a much better picture of how the brain works . We can then hopefully use that knowledge to find cures for Alzheimer's and other brain diseases.

The new thing about the method is that the researchers used machine learning to get a better picture of how the brain works.

AI technology is presenting solutions to alleviate scientists and doctors from trying to interpret images of the brain themselves. A problem with human interpretation can be that different researchers can interpret the same picture in different ways. AI, on the other hand, always interprets the images in the same way, giving a more objective result.

The method has so far been tested on mice and now the researchers will take the step to human studies. Something that will hopefully give us new opportunities to cure brain diseases.

β€œWe know that different types of brain imbalances can lead to mental or neurological illness. In the process of finding new treatments, it is therefore crucial to first have knowledge of the molecular differences in the brain's regions and how these affect the function of the nerve cells, ”says Konstantinos Meletis associate professor at Karolinska Institute and one of the researchers behind the study.

Read more about the study and how the researchers built a molecular atlas of the mouse brain here .