🦑 AI maps the coral reef

🦑 AI maps the coral reef

Mapping and maintaining the coral reef has become an increasingly urgent task. But in order to implement the right measures in the right place, careful analysis of the condition is required. This is usually done by divers photographing. Now the work has been automated.

Christian von Essen
Christian von Essen

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One of the effects of climate change is that the high temperatures are likely to kill the coral reefs of the ocean. These ecosystems are extremely important for sea and land life. They also contribute to protection and create food and jobs for almost a billion people, according to the UN .

A project named CORaiL, signed by Accenture, Intel and the Sulubaaï Environmental Foundation, has since March 2019 mapped the reefs off the island of Pangatalan in the Philippines. By analyzing 40,000 images, researchers have been able to get a good overview of the consequences of climate change in the area.

Submerged cameras take photos, and with the help of artificial intelligence and "edge computing" the images can be immediately counted, classified and sent up to a visual interface over the water surface. There, data-driven decisions can be made with much greater precision and speed.

The next generation of the project is likely to include neural networks and infrared cameras.

The technology's collaborative potential makes CORaiL-like solutions relevant to a number of other areas, including mapping and analysis of crops in agriculture, as well as preventing deforestation and poaching.

Read more about the project at Forbes.

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